Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Spot of Bother in the Stitchery...

On Monday, some men came to blow gazillions of tiny grey polystyrene balls (and some glue, apparently) into our cavity walls.

This necessitated a bit of moving around of things in my sewing room, as they were going to pass some long pipe through the window, into the room and then up through the loft hatch to 'do' the end gable wall. In the end they didn't do the wall that way, so the effort might have been wasted, except...

Once we'd opened the loft up, we remembered that some long time ago we had bought an extending loft ladder to install there, as, with high ceilings, it was a devil of a job to get into, which  meant that this very useful (and tidy!) storage space was pretty under-used.  I foolishly suggested that whilst everything had been moved slightly out of the way, maybe it made sense to cover as much as possible up and get on with the installation job?  

Of course, this was not so much a job for me - well, not at all a job for me, for whilst I like the odd dabble with powertools (see here, where I constructed the most important bits of my workroom, Mr U-t-B being out of action with his slipped disc) major stuff such as this is best left to The Boss, especially when he's just back from his fun on the ski slopes!

First the hatch had to be enlarged, which meant lath and plaster raining down.  Needless to say, we soon realised a bit more covering up would have been wise!
Ah, well. Nothing that a bit of dusting won't sort out...

So much stuff...

Rudolph looked upon the scene with an increasing sense of despair...


I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!


  1. Nightmare, but it will be worth all the dust and upheaval when it's finished X

  2. We were looking after my brother's house and there was a leak from a pipe through the kitchen ceiling. I will say that the repair man did cover everything but still that plaster dust gets everywhere.

  3. Ooh! Brave people! DH decided that was just what our DD needed last year, and having found a good sturdy one in a sale our BIL decided they could do with one too. After struggling with the first one, yes you guessed it hole wrong size, he then had to go and help with a second one. Thank goodness we have no roof space just attic bedrooms! Hope you will soon be shipshape and happily installed in your sewing room. X