Thursday, 27 February 2014

How to get other people to pay for your clothes

I did another bit of dressmaking last week, following on from the Valori Wells tunic I made a few weeks back.

This time, I bought some fabric on ebay from 'Favourite Fabrics'.  I have used them several times before and have always received my fabrics quickly, which luckily was the case once again this time.  I'd chosen this fabric...

...which now seems to have sold out, maybe as it was only £5.99 a metre.  I hadn't yet decided what pattern I was going to use, but ordered two metres knowing that would be about right.

In the end I chose to use a different pattern to last time - New Look 6010.

Picture courtesy of

I have quite a few blouses of this sort of style and find them comfortable and easy to wear, but recently have found it harder to track down ones I like in the shops, especially at anything like a sensible price.  So making some myself seemed like a good option.  I decided to make view D, but I intended customising the sleeves, which in this pattern have elasticated cuffs, where I wanted a button closure, like on the tunic I made previously.

I was surprised to find that once pinned the blouse out that I had LOADS of fabric left over.  The pattern was a fairly easy one to make, certainly a little more straightforward than the tunic one I used previously, which was this one... 

Picture courtesy of

I created a new sleeve pattern by combining the top part of the New Look sleeve with the bottom part of the Simplicity one.  

And here's the finished article!

I had this idea that with 'The Great British Sewing Bee' back on our TVs, I'd try to do one of task from each episode.  In the end though, I only managed the buttonloops from programme one!   I'm tempted to make Mr U-t-B some dashing striped and piped pyjamas from programme 2, but I think I'm already running too far behind!

I found some sweet little flower buttons in my local haberdashery...

And it fits...

So what about the left over fabric?

There was enough to make another of my oh-so-frequently-made Japanese smock tops...

Now if I just sell this little smock for £12, I make that a free blouse for me!

I have one more blouse pattern to try out and with pay day tomorrow I am considering these fabrics...

Palos Verde Abalone Cove

Palos Verde Miraleste

Palos Verde Lunada Bay


  1. I really love that pretty white embroidered fabric you chose, and what a good price. The finished blouse is gorgeous Alix, and looks lovely on you!
    Clever idea too to make it pay for you!
    Enjoy your sewing!
    Gill xx

  2. Such a pretty tunic, you are so talented!

  3. Your new blouse looks lovely!

  4. It is lovely ... I wouldn't know where to start! M x

  5. Lovely, lovely,lovely, just what I needed. I've just invested in a dressmakers dummy, I have to make it a bit bigger as I'm a large lady but have decided to make my own clothes again. I have great difficulty in finding anything to fit in the shops and used to make all of my clothes right through to winter coats. I'm going straight to the site you mentioned to have a look.
    I especially like the Japanese top it;'t really pretty.

  6. Great blouses, Alix, the little one is so cute. What a great idea to do a task from the Sewing Bee every week. You should apply next year and go on it yourself. I'm sure you'd do well.

  7. You are so clever, Alix! Your 2 makes are super, your one looks very stylish and comfortable (the magic and generally elusive combination) and the mini me version is adorable!


  8. What a great top Alix - I love the fabric!
    FF have a shop not far away - I might go and see if they have any of that white fabric left!

  9. That fabric seems to be back in again - I had to go and have a look because your top is just beautiful. What a super job you made of it, and it suits you too!

  10. Gorgeous crisp white blouses. Making along with the sewing bee is a great idea !

  11. Your blouses are gorgeous. I'm afraid my sewing isnt that good, I doubt I would be able to wear anything I made!

  12. Both the blouses are beautiful! I am sure someone will love buying the little one for their daughter or granddaughter. What a great way to use up your fabric and make some money at the same time.

    Hugs from Holland,