Thursday, 21 March 2013

Easter is round the corner

Today I got round to putting up some Easter decorations.  I raided the contorted willow in our front garden, which was a bit of a struggle to do, as we had pruned it so severely a few months back there was very little to raid!

Some painted eggs, a whole load of mini-decorations that I got a few years back from Paperchase (they have similar ones this year, here), some wooden bunnies and lambs from Lidl and one of Miss Used-to-Bees' cast-off bunnies are all adorning the dining room table now.  

Shame my camera threw several hissy fits when I tried to get it to take snaps - it seemed to be exclaiming 'But where on earth do you want me to focus?'  So this is as good as it gets...

Earlier on, I had been out on one of those little rounds of errands, diving into various different shops and workplaces to tick all sorts of jobs off my 'To Do' list.  In amongst the errands, was a trip to the Post Office, to send off the last of the books I had piled up last week. (And a certain bunny - off to a new home for Easter!  Thanks Abby!)  

As I got out of the car, I found a sweet and rather forlorn little dog sniffing away at the side of the pavement, looking rather lost.  Having asked passers-by if she was theirs and received only a 'No',  I grabbed her and unscrewed her little identity tag.  Luckily, her address was on the adjacent road so I picked her up and found the number - in fact it was the corner house of the road we were parked on, actually right there where she was! 

I felt a bit of a numpty!

Maybe she wasn't lost after all, but she wasn't WITH anybody and she was close to the road, so I walked up to the front door and knocked.  Then the owner appeared from the garden, and told me that she is a regular escapee called Doris who can't see or hear very well and is frightened of his chickens, which were roaming happily in the garden!  

Anyway, I handed her over, a bit embarrassed and then went into the Post Office.  By the time I came out the nice gentleman was handing over a box of half-a-dozen still warm eggs as a thank you, to Mr U-t-B in the car.  How sweet!

Boiled eggs for tea!

Look at the lovely trug of Spring flowers my lovely sister gave me on Mothering Sunday!
Once they are finished indoors I will have to plant them out for next year - such pretty, frilly blooms!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the bunnies and the Gladys Peto illustrations.  The bunnies are all gone now, but I did have fun making them!


  1. Love your decorations!

    Poor old Doris but hey at least you got fresh eggs!

  2. Ooh, I shall keep a look out for the postie! thanks. Smiled at your returning the dog! - sounds as if it was a bit lost, and at risk of being run over or something. The planted trug is very lovely. As are your Easter decorations. Might do something like that myself tomorrow - we have Ruby and Tilly all day. Have a good weekend! x

  3. Love your Easter tree! The wooden lambs and bunnies are very sweet, did you get them recently? Just wondering if they would still be available in lidl. Sweet story about Doris the dog too.
    M xxx

    1. Sadly they were from quite a few years back! Sorry! The thing about Lidl is you have to go in each week and see what the specials are - and if they're popular, they don't last long!

  4. One kind act deserves another! Lovely flowers too, :) x

  5. I love the decorations! I'm going to be putting some up myself over the weekend, I hope.

  6. Lovely springy eastery pics Alix! You did your good deed for the day taking the little dog home, and what a nice reward, hope you enjoyed the eggs, can't beat freshly laid, can you?

    I received the book today, thank you very much Alix, i'll pass it along when I've finished.

    Have a lovely evening

    Claire xx

  7. Such lovely decorations, with all this snow it doesn't feel much like Easter. I shall snuggle in the warm and read the book you sent me. Thank you so much it arrived safely yesterday :) ... Sarah x

  8. Hello Alix, followed you over from The Faerie Factory and am a new follower, and I see some familiar faces already here :) Your Easter branches and wooden rabbits look adorable ... and all reminds me I have a rabbits lurking somewhere that should be out! Despite your slight embarrassment about returning Doris, at least the owner sounds a kind gentleman who obviously appreciated your gesture. Have a great day! Wendy

  9. Hello, there....I love your kind deed and I must admit I am soft one for finding waifs and strays too! YOUR kindness was rewarded handsomely well...Sending Easter blessings for the next week. ~And a loving your pretty displays...Love Maria X

  10. Oops forgot to add.....YOU have a very kind me too! I also received flowers from mine..... for Mothering Sunday! Sisters are just the BEST!