Sunday, 24 March 2013

Rag Bag Rescue - Babycord Shorts and Liberty Smock

If I'm honest this isn't exactly a Rag Bag Rescue in the same sense as the others I have done, as the only part of this that came from the charity shop is a triangle of felted cashmere no larger than an inch square!  

But the bottom half of this outfit is made with an item pulled from my very own 'rag bag',  the large Victorian trunk that sits in our attic room filled with larger pieces of fabric and old items of clothing that I can't bear to part with, all awaiting a transformation.

I love my trunk's original papered lid and the manufacturer's label

Something I had failed to part with, in spite of its ordinariness, was this navy baby cord skirt.  It's probably been languishing in the trunk for about twenty-five years - honestly!  But it had become so soft and comforting through all the washes it had in its life as a useful 'school' skirt that I was sure it would be useful - one day.  

The sellotaped hem a clear sign of days rushing out to work, with no time to pick up a needle to catch up the fallen hem!

The skirt was quickly deconstructed - waistband off, zip out...

Iron to prepare for pattern cutting...

Establish straight grain (easy with cord, otherwise use centre seams, in general) and cut pattern pieces...

A pair of bloomer-style shorts with front patch pockets were easily cut from the skirt, suitable for a two year old. 

 Then I found a length of Liberty Tana lawn that and made a smock to go with the shorts...

Front detail...

Back closure...

I edged the smock with some broderie anglaise salvaged from pyjamas I made when I was 18, but the pockets were missing something...

Ah!  That's better!  A little bunny peeping out...

Bunny's bottom is the bit of cashmere!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous; everything about this little outfit is adorable. Lucky little girl (and her mother who must surely love it!). The bunny with the cashmere bottom will be such an unexpected treat :)

  2. Oh, its gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Alix your talents are amazing ... You can genuinely make something out of nothing! These clothes are delightful, you should really go into business, you could be the next Cath Kidston!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. A lovely outfit, Alix - well done! Love the little bunny too! That's a great label on the trunk, isn't it? Have a good week. Abby x

  5. How clever! Even down to the little bunny! You must be really pleased with this outfit. And as for the trunk - ooh - trunk envy (!) I'd love to know what other delights it holds. Well done x Jane

  6. What a lovely outfit, gorgeous fabric and what a cute bunny.
    Carol xx

  7. Absolutely beautiful!

    How clever you are!

  8. What an adorable outfit ... but the rabbit in the pocket takes the cake! Wendy

  9. So adorable and sweet I love it. I also just wanted to say how much I enjoyed The Fault in our Stars. Having been stuck in bed with this ghastly flu I had a chance to read it. It is a wonderful book, not something I would normally have picked but even with it's underlying sadness it was still heart warming, funny and filled with love. Many thanks for sharing .... Sarah x

  10. Beautiful! Is it for your little girl (the granddaughter, I mean)?

  11. I love that you use old items on clothing to produce your lovely creations, and that label in your trunk. Well, I think that you should put it onto a transfer sheet and then make a throw pillow with fabric from your trunk, with this label as the center artful addition, to the piece. Just thinking about it makes me want to sew:) Happy Easter, Connie :)

  12. Hi Alix, it's lovely to catch up with your blog again...........I'm blogging again, albeit quietly.

    The little outfit is beautiful, isn't it wonderful what can be achieved with recycled fabric.