Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mr U-t-B's Special Soup

Brrrr!  It's chilly out there!  Even my poor little tete-a-tetes are bending their heads against the wind and dreaming of warmer days. And as for the poor shrivelled up primroses and crocuses...

So it's the perfect day for some of Mr U-t-B's fantastic bacon and lentil soup.
It's absolutely heavenly!

First he cuts up an onion or two (depending on size).

He fries some lardons in a drop of oil. 
(We get the ones from Lidl which are reasonably priced and nice and meaty - lumps of fat may add flavour but they make me go gahhh!) 

Then he adds the onion and cooks till translucent.

A couple of largish potatoes are chopped up small and added to the pan.

Along with a couple of carrots.

Then some stock is added (chicken, vegetable, beef - you can vary it for a slightly different experience!)
Probably about 2 pints, though this is a bit of a throw-it-in-and-see soup.

Bubble away for about ten minutes...

Then add a can of lentils...

Give it a brief whizz with a blender stick to give it a bit of thickness, but not so as to make it completely smooth.

The perfect winter warmer, with a nice chunk of fresh granary bread!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm looks lovely. Glad someone else loves Lidl,its my favourite shop.

  2. ooh lovely.

    I'm going to sew felt heart badges on Thursday in the local White Stuff store as they are hosting craft days - will be taking your pretty needle case ( just wish I could see better to thread needles !!! )

  3. That does look good Alix I'll definitely be having a go.