Friday, 15 March 2013

Fabric-alicious Friday - Perfect Pairs

I have really been enjoying some child-size dressmaking recently (more Ta-Dahs to come!)  but what often takes me more time than the actual sewing is the pondering over fabric and trying to come up with pleasing combinations.  

So I have been perusing some of my favourite online fabric stores to find pairs for some upcoming projects.

This pair...

Sketch - Aqua - Timeless Treasures from The Eternal Maker
Aqua Tiny Floral - Seaside - October Afternoon from The Eternal Maker

...and this one...

Kate Spain Honey Honey Lace in Violet from The Eclectic Maker

Kate Spain Honey Honey Wayside Garden in Violet from The Eclectic Maker

...would make lovely 'Oliver & S Pinwheel Slip Dresses'

Whilst the next two I rather fancy as their 'Puppet Show Tunic and Shorts'...

(This pattern is only available as a digital download - anyone out there tried digital patterns and able to tell me whether this is easy enough to do?)

Blossom Festival from M is for Make

Stitch Square in teal from M is for Make

Lecien 6mm dots in Lime from Celtic Fusion Fabrics

Natalie Lymer for Lecien Folk Tale Fawn from Celtic Fusion Fabrics

Last but not least, this lovely pair would make a sweet seaside holiday dress, maybe the 'Ice Cream Dress'?

Salt Water Bubble Shells in Aqua from The Village Haberdashery

Salt Water Floaties and Sinkies in Aqua from The Village Haberdashery

What do you think?


  1. The Kate Spain ones are delightful and the twirly dress. I Love the paper cut out dresses - used to play for hours with them as a girl.

  2. You always find such darned GORGEOUS fabrics! They are all absolutely beautiful, but the Celtic Fusion Fabrics are simply delightful. My advice is to get them all!


  3. Fabulous fabrics, particularly the top two combinations. Ages since I made any clothes and haven't tried digital downloads. You will have to be the guinea pig!
    Carol xx

  4. Hi Alix, I'm so happy that you have time to sew and have some fun doing what you love. I guess that I am in a turquoise mood because everything in those shades are very appealing to me . . . that and the polka dots.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my drawings, and do have a wonderful free period from teaching.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Oh I so wish I had little girls to sew for, I have a big strapping teenage lad. Ah well I make faeries instead, please feel free to pop over and say hi now I finally stopped lurking and started blogging x