Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mr U-t-B's plan...

 ...would seem to be to train me up for the Winter Olympics 2014!  

Lucky me, as this gets me to some very lovely places!

I have been taken away to the Alps, leaving the older youngsters in charge at home. 

We are continuing to discover the Portes du Soleil on the French/Swiss border.
This area is called 'Grand Paradis' and I am in wholehearted agreement with whoever named it as such.

Bluest of skies and snow-capped peaks...

First tracks on fresh powder...

Snow-laden trees and not a sound to be heard...

Pretty stops along the way.  Is hot chocolate a recognised form of elite athlete nutrition?

The snow and ice in the Alps this year is more than I remember seeing before.

 This little entrance led to a maybe five metre long tunnel to a bunk-house where you could stay!

In spite of all the snow and Easter holidays, the slopes are quite quiet.  

Here's me on one of the 'low-impact' runs 
Mr U-t-B is using to build my fitness - you actually have to make a big effort to get along parts of it.  I call it the 
'bingo-wing banisher'.

It's not been just the three of us - we were meeting up with family, great fun!

But just in case you were thinking we were being spoilt with blue skies and sunshine, most days have actually been like this...

My 'training' continues for some days more, days which will be brightened by the arrival of this little bundle...

...and her parents!  It's going to be fun!

Welcome once again to new followers.  I do enjoy reading all your comments, so thank you for those!  And as the number above that little 'Followers' icon has just crept over 150, I will very soon host a giveaway.  I have acquired another copy of that lovely embroidery book...

..but will also scour the shops nearby for a few items suited to those less inclined towards stitching.  
Back soon with my booty!


  1. Amazingly beautiful scenes - thank you for sharing - been so long since I have seen such blue skies. It would be soooo rude not to have plenty of hot chocolate during your trip!

  2. Oh for those beautiful blue skies - it makes my heart skip a beat! However the icicles remind me of how my Uncle's place in North Wales is looking at the moment - silly weather x Jane

  3. Wow! looks like you have had a great time
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. The 'Ski Sunday' theme tune is now running through my head. I am very impressed that you can even stand up in a pair of skis let alone move in the desired direction, I fear I would be like Bridget Jones (in the second film) if I strapped myself into some!

    Absolutely stunning scenery. Enjoy your time with the family.

    ps we've got yet more snow forecast for tomorrow.........!

  5. Looks like the training s going well! Enjoy! :) x

  6. It looks fabulous and you all seem to be having a great time.
    Carol xx

  7. What a beautiful area! I do appreciate all the snow and trees and mountains, although I'm not a skier. It sounds like a wonderful time to spend with your family :) Wendy

  8. That picture of the blowing snow is what I saw outside my window yesterday:)

  9. What beautiful pictures. Looks like you're having a wonderful time. Hot chocolate is a must when skiing ... Sarah x

  10. those are such beautiful pictures. enjoy the hot chocolate!

    Nikki x