Sunday, 21 April 2013

Tracks of my Years - 1965

Finally we arrive at a year for which I do have a favourite song, one that I loved as a two year old and still sing along to now.  I think it fostered in me a  love of felines which back then showed itself in my sister and I pretending to be cats under the dining room table, pawing at people's feet and rubbing our flanks against their legs, all the while meowing softly.  Nowadays, I confine myself to going 'Awwww!' at cute kitty pictures (as there are too many fur allegies in this family for the real thing to reside with us).  So here's the song...

And here's me and my sometime-feline sister, all dressed up by the looks of it...

In other news, Winston Churchill died and was buried after three days of 
lying-in-state during which time 321,000 people filed past the catafalque.

Circular 10 from the Department of Schools and Science was published, requesting local authorities to convert to the comprehensive system of secondary education, a system of which I, for better or worse, am a product!

Gerry Anderson's 'Thunderbirds' aired for the first time...

Mary Quant introduced the miniskirt into her Kings Road boutique 'Bazaar'...

Image from

The CSE was introduced.  (I have three of these, all in subjects that weren't offered as 'O' levels:  Dance and Drama;  Parentcraft; and Personal and Community Relationships  I will say no more!

Corgi toys introduced their best-selling model. James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger.  I think my brother had one of these.

Sir Stanley Matthews retired from 1st Division football, aged 50. 

'The Sound of Music' was released, won the Oscar for best picture and made us all look at curtains in a completely new light.

Omar Sharif and Julie Christie set hearts a-quivering in 'Dr Zhivago'

Cat titles were in vogue at the flicks with 'Cat Balou', 'That Darn Cat!' and 'What's New Pussycat?' all doing the rounds.

Which brings us back where we came in, but to finish off, some other hits from 1965

Trains and Boats and Planes

Mr Tambourine Man

Positively 4th Street 
(which, in primary school, we learnt in Hymn Practice with the ever-so-trendy Mr Waterhouse. Made a change from'All Things Bright and Beautiful!) 

A Walk in the Black Forest

What will you be humming this evening?

(PS:  Have been a terrible blogger this week.  Made promises I haven't yet delivered but will do as soon as I crawl out from the washing and ironing and unintended spring-cleaning and decorating...)


  1. Memories! I remember listening to Churchill's funeral on the radio whilst knitting - yes I can remember what I was doing, but for life of me I cannot remember why I remember doing this! And I remember seeing Thunderbirds on television! I never got to see the Sound of Music and Dr Zhivago and until the eighties!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I love these posts Alix, and being a few years older than you, these early years for you seem very clear in my mind. I won the Dollis Junior School, Class 1, Chruchill Scrapbook competetion in 1965. I won a copy of Anna Sewell's "Black Beauty", inscribed by my teacher....forever recalling the great day that I won the competetion ! I still have the copy of Black Beauty, and I did keep the scrap book forover 20 years. I eventually let one of my CSE history classes cut it up for various projects that they were working on.
    Dr Zhivago was my favourite ever film...saw it 6 times between 1965 and 1970... and you are right, green and white large print curtains haven't stood a chance of staying up at windows ever since. Thanks again for putting this together. J.

  3. Omar Sharif oozed charisma - gorgeous gorgeous man !

    Comp school & CSE's but luckily ours had just changed from a grammar school the year before & someone forgot to tell the teachers ! We ended up doing O' levels & CSE's in English & maths. My maths was so bad it probably wasn't worth marking - I hope it gave the examiner a laugh !

  4. what a great post. fabulous pictures. I really enjoyed reading it and the picture of you and your sister is so cute! xx (i have CSE dance!!!)

  5. Dr Zhivago is still a firm favourite for me, I can hear that music now.....! The Sound of Music is also a film I can watch again and again, Christopher Plummer ::sigh::

    The image of Churchill's funeral could be an exact replica of Lady Thatcher's funeral last week! Btw, I work at Churchill Primary School in Westerham, and on The Green in Westerham is a statue of the man himself and just outside the town is Chartwell, the house where he lived. They are my (not-so) interesting factoids of the day.

    I too am a product of the Comprehensive education system - we seem to have managed ok, don't we? Back in those days the Headteacher still wielded the cane for the boys and the slipper for the girls. My brother was quite regularly caned while Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes here never saw the inside of the Head's study. You were lucky to have been offered such 'fluffy' subjects as Parentcraft and Personal and Community Relationships!

    These posts are great, keep 'em coming!

    ps love the photo of you and your sister - you look like peas in a pod!