Sunday, 28 April 2013

Tracks of my Years - 1966

We have now reached the times for which I have ACTUAL memories.  Oh help!  I will try and restrain myself from unending tales of my childhood, but there will probably be a few.  

Camberwick Green first aired.  Windy Miller was my favourite and I'm pretty sure I had this toy.

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(What I did not remember was that Windy had a drink problem...


The Radio Caroline ship ran aground  on the beach at Frinton.

The FIFA World Cup trophy was stolen from an exhibition in London, only to be found wrapped in newspaper by a dog called Pickles in a South London garden.

Longleat Safari Park opened.

England won the World Cup!

The play 'Cathy Come Home' was shown.

Hits included

Spanish Flea - Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
Homeward Bound - Simon and Garfunkel
Visions - Cliff Richard 
Bus Stop - The Hollies
God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge
Monday, Monday - The Mamas and The Papas
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield

At the cinema you could see...

In our house, you might have heard The Seekers on the record player on a Sunday morning.

My sister and I had a memorable trip to London Zoo with the 'big girls' down the road, Joan and Linda.  We travelled by bus from our Winchmore Hill home, which must have been quite an adventure.  At the zoo, we had a ride on a camel and a pony, and petted the goats.  I think I loved watching the penguins best, in their Art Deco Penguin Pool.

My sister, Linda and I having our picnic at London Zoo

I remember the rickety pushchairs you could borrow at the zoo, and being piled into it with my sister once our little legs were jaded.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on these posts up to now!  They feel like a bit of an indulgence, but it is great to read other people's memories too!

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  1. I loved Windy Miller, drink problem or not!!! :) x

  2. very much fun to see your memories written down. Good times!!

  3. I graduated from high school (U.S.A.) in 1966..thanks for the memories!

  4. Oh Windy Miller ..... such lovely memories .....
    love jooles xxx

  5. This is the year I was born, I didn't realise Windy Miller had a drinking problem until we watched some old episodes with my son... I was shocked and horrified!!! I'm loving these posts counting down the years. Thanks Alix ... Sarah x

  6. Oh how I loved Camberwick Green! Old Windy might have had a drinking problem but he still managed to judge those windmill sails, thus avoiding decapitation (probably not appropriate for children's viewing!).

    These are real memory jerkers for me too. The New Seekers (did they sing, The Carnival is Over?). Also London Zoo - we had a school trip there - I remember seeing Chi-Chi the panda and Guy the Gorilla. It's amazing the memories these posts are dredging up from the sludge of time!