Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Catching up...

It's ages since I have done any hand embroidery, but with my little stint at (proper, money-earning) work finished yesterday, I finally got round to making a commission I was asked to do just before Christmas.  
(Don't worry - it wasn't for a present!)

A mini-matchbox cosy was required, and as I never make things in ones, there's now a little row in my sewing room...

Actually, this is a previously made one, made before my latest innovation in felt cottages - the chimney!

 I think this was one of the first ones I made after I learnt to do French Knots properly - hence quite a few roses round the door and delphiniums to boot!

This is the one I need to get in the post today. 

 I used some variegated thread which gives a subtle difference in colour to the roses.

Happy though I am to be able to do proper French Knots (this here is how I learnt), I still love bullion knots too, perfect for wisteria...

Using strands of different coloured thread for some of the knots makes it more lively...

Wisteria or roses...which would you have blooming fragrantly round your front door?


  1. oh what little works of art, they are really beautiful, you are very talented.
    T x

  2. Oh these are just too LOVELY!
    Where are you selling them?

  3. Good lord, these are the sweetest things. You're so clever. I'd love roses or wisteria round the door and the porch, nothing prettier.

  4. Coming to a forlorn and neglected Folksy shop nearby very soon!

  5. I am in love! Little blue house is just gorgeous Alix, you are soooooo clever :-) xx

  6. Oh these are very pretty indeed, I love to do that type of embroidery myself. You have made a wonderful job of them. I've still not got going properly with my sewing projects yet, but it will come......
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. They are sooooo sweet, I love the ones with the roses best.

  8. They are beautiful! Little works of art, the detail is amazing!
    Im sure the recipient of the little blue and black one is going to be thrilled.
    Do they fit large match boxes? I permanemtly have a rather ugly yellow box on the mantlepiece this time of year for lighting the woodburner, and something like this would be wonderful.
    Gill xx

  9. They're so sweet, and I've NEVER been able to do a French knot, drives me crazy.

  10. These are gorgeous! I'm going to have to master french knots!!

  11. Just love your little cottages! Such a wonderful gift you have!
    I would love to have wisteria over my door! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Have a lovely day!

  12. What gorgeous little cottages. I learned to make French knots but haven't heard of Bullion - perfect for Wisteria. I planted two ( yes two ) round the French windows of our last house ( down the road ) The present owners curse pruning it as it's matured nicely. I've suggested taking one plant out ! I planted a climbing hydrangea round my kitchen window at this house & love it.

  13. I love your embroidered cottages, they look so summery.

  14. I would love to make a whole village. Do you still have a pitch at The Maltings monthly market? Hope so,because i have been meaning to come over to look see for ages. Penny B

    1. I most certainly will be at The Maltings on Feb 4th - took January off but have been making new things for February! If you do come along, please say hi - it would be nice to meet you!

  15. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely gorgeous! I hope to find them on Folksy!