Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pictures from my scrapbook

My thoughts are turning towards a 'little' re-decorating project Mr U-t-B and I have in mind, so I have been hunting through my scrapbook of pictures cut from magazines for inspiration.

Although our room is neither likely to grace the pages of Country Living, Homes and Interiors, Ideal Home and the like, nor to achieve the look of sleek perfection in these shots, little bits from each one have been helping ideas form in my head of how I'd like our bedroom to look.

I love the iron and brass bed in this one, the seagrass flooring and the collection of framed samplers...

How lovely to have a sofa at the end of the bed, but if we did this, we'd have to climb over the chest of drawers to get to the far side of the room!

I love bergere style furniture, and this combination of neutrals looks very serene.  I love the tall lamps and the symmetrical arrangement, though this is impossible in our room - there's a short bit of wall on my side of the bed!

Not sure that Mr U-t-B would be delighted to have those trees, stars and birds dangling above his head as he slumbered, or digging into his shoulders when he sat up in bed!

I love this treatment above the headboard - maybe it's the little girl in me who thought she was a princess, crawling out - but again, it wouldn't work in our room, due to it's strange shape and alcoves.   I like the combination of floral and velvety quilts,  and the rich reds.

Another of those treatments - I like the toile lining of this one, and the fact that I can imagine being able to make this one (just not for this bedroom).  And another bergere bed - quite liking this dark, original version.  Sweet table beside the bed!

I love gingham, especially when it's red and combined with a floral.  In a magazine, I love the casual, unstructured blinds at this window, but I know in reality I'd be driven spare by them!   

Same bed as before, but this time with a more curvaceous bedside cabinet.  Pretty bedding, but not enough of it!


This one is the most achievable of the looks.
A pretty antique bedstead,
simple furniture
and an air of calm.

It's going to be a big job:
 wardrobes need enlarging, re-building and painting;
carpet needs ripping up, floorboards sanding, repairing and varnishing;
wallpaper needs stripping and replacing, woodwork to paint;
and that's just the start!

I'm working most of this month, but next month we want to crack on.  
There will be photos, but only once there are some 'after' ones to take attention away from the 'before' ones!


  1. Hi Alix

    I love the ideas you present here and all rooms look tranquil. It is a fun project
    Helen xx

  2. Oh I love planning redecorating, I can't wait to get cracking on my newly reclaimed dining room which was a stock room for so long. However like you don't quite have the time right now, but soon.

    It also makes me laugh when I see sofas at the end of beds, we've not got a teeny bedroom and we too would be climbing over stuff to get to bed. Only in magazines and mansions I suspect!

  3. Hi Alix
    I think you need to get on to pinterest and create some pinboards of all your fab ideas and find lots more inspiration.
    These are lovely!
    (ps it is addictive!)

  4. Your new bedroom sounds like it's going to be GORGEOUS, good luck with the grim reality of decorating, ugh!


  5. Redoing a bedroom is so exciting! I am sure it will all come together. I started from one patchwork quilt I decided to make for my bed...and went from there. As you know I have a wall of samplers and have to say that they give real impact in a bedroom. I have seen framed vintage hankies that do this too. I think that first photo (which I remember from Country Living) is very doable. Just cut out the sofa since you do not have room. I have a tighter space in my guest room and have a small painted wooden bench at the foot of the bed instead.

    I cannot wait to see what is happening and hope you will share a little as you progress.

    Hugs from Holland ~