Wednesday, 11 January 2012

More re-homing...

More exciting goodies from my Mum's turning-outs...

I can't help but feel that these embroidery transfers are right on trend - what with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year, the patriotic fever inspired by the forthcoming Olympics and the popularity of vintage, they look great!

One is motifs aimed at children's items...

...marching soldiers in bearskins, drums and trumpets...

...Buck House and Windsor Castle...

...sailors and Beefeaters, flags and noble steeds.

The other lot are aimed at adults...

...crowns and emblems and national flowers.

I prefer the ones aimed at the children!

There were also a couple of hexie patches.  I'm not sure if these were leftovers from my Mum's enormous and completely handmade quilt, upon which she laboured for most of the 1970s, or from someone else.  The floral fabrics certainly scream their age at you!

Then there was a little pile of American crafty magazines from the mid 80s.  They are jam-packed with projects, but most of them, it has to be said left their appeal somewhere back in the 80s.  But there are a few that are 'good to go' - maybe next year?

Next is something that actually is mine - I bought it years ago, I am told (though I don't actually remember) thinking it would be great for pressing enormous amounts flowers and foliage.  I never did press any flowers between its wooden plates, but neither has it ever been used for its original purpose, which is to press trousers.  It's in near mint condition and I would imagine from the 20s or 30s.

It's definitely got an air of Jeeves and Wooster about it!

To continue with the laundry theme, there was also this...

...a lovely old sleeve board.

It's rather stained, so it's tempting to think of re-covering it.  But it has sweet stripey braid round the edge, held in place by rusty drawing pins, which would be a shame to lose, so I'm not sure.  What would you do?

And last, but by no means least is this battered but interesting 'Simplicity Sewing Book'...

From 1958, it has great advertising images...

...advice on choosing fashion to suit your figure...

...colours to suit your hair colour...

...and then instructions for making different items of clothing...

..and details of every imaginable dressmaking technique.

If I'd only had this when I was making the dress...

...maybe it would have fitted! But it doesn't, so the mice have done their work and are very pleased to announce that the dress will shortly be on the way to...

If you email me your address, Gill, I'll send it off as soon as I can get to the Post Office!
The mice have reminded me that it's a long time since I did a proper giveaway, and have told me politely asked me to get myself organised for one very soon...
 Watch this space!


  1. What a wonderful collection of goodies - particularly loving the hexagons! Looks like you are going to be busy! x

  2. I love those transfers! I would recover the ironing sleeve but keeping it as it is so it still looks original.All those pictures take me back! X

  3. Those embroidery transfers are wonderful to have. Lucky you:)

    I used to buy Crafts 'n Things. It was the impetus for lots of craftiness when my sons were little and I was looking to make things to sell at craft fairs. It was a lovely little magazine and was one of the few out there. I even had that copy. It's not published anymore sadly.

  4. Love seeing your neat old stuff!!

  5. WONDERFUL transfers and that magazine is brilliant!

    I'd recover the sleeve board (said she, who can't do anything like that), but still use the rusty drawing pins/tacks and braiding.

    Your Mum is turning out some real treasures. Problem is, her decluttering means your recluttering once more ;o)

  6. Love the little transfers - very nice!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Wonderful things! I love the idea of the trouser press being used to press flowers. Imagine if you had access to enormous jungle leaves! Wishing you and your family a magical 2012, Alix. Sending glitter and smiles, Em xx (I hope you had a great Christmas and new year)

  8. That Simplicity Sewing Book looks fantastic! As do all the other goodies. Thanks so much for your reply re the paint, I'll be looking it up as I could do with doing some frame revamping :o)