Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Re-homed, and a discovery

Having my family over for Sunday lunch is always a treat and that's what we did this Sunday.  
In addition to relaxed conversation over a (hopefully!) tasty meal, there's always a delicious pudding or cake made by my sister (Chocolate and Caramel Cheesecake this time),  a very good bottle of wine from my Dad, a stash of Saturday newspaper sections (to keep us informed about gardening, home and general lifestyle matters) and often, the results of my Mum's latest bit of clearing out.

This Sunday it was a bit of a bonanza!   
So much stuff I will have to spread it out over two posts!

First to fall in line in front of the camera, some really old cotton reels.  

Then a selection of hook and eye cards, some Flora Macdonald needles, an Army and Navy needlecase and a proper old cotton tape measure with measurements ONLY in inches.

There was a bag of buttons - not much age to any of these, but some useful ones all the same...

...and all sorts of ribbons and bindings, including this huge roll of cotton tape in a pretty shade of blue.

There was lots more, but I will save for another day!

I am writing this with one eye and one ear tuned in to 'The Hairy Bikers'.  I've never really watched them before last week, though I can't understand why, and they've certainly been recommended by many I know.    Every plate-full they create makes my mouth water and all the information they share whilst preparing the dishes is so interesting!  I am a convert!

Next is 'The Great Sport Relief Bake Off', which I'm sure I'll enjoy.  I'm in a bit of a 'blobby' mood after a couple of days teaching and with a grumbly back that's making muscles in my leg twitch somewhat alarmingly... Time to sign up for Pilates again I think!

Thanks for all the lovely comments recently and for having stuck with me through the quiet patch over Christmas when I ran out of inspiration! I will be setting the mice to work tomorrow to draw a name out of a hat to decide where the dress is heading...


  1. Oh your sundays sound so nice,lovely old bits and bobs from your mum.Chocolate and caramel cheesecake oooohhhh so yummy.Love Jill xx

  2. I love all the old cotton reels!

  3. Good God, chocolate and caramel cheesecake is making my mouth water something chronic! Love your little treasures. Xx

  4. I love the old sewing bits and bobs, I've quite a few which were my Mum's.
    I only started watching the Hairy Bikers a few months ago, now I understand why so many people enjoy their programmes.
    Carol xx

  5. Love those old sewing things!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. I love all vintage sewing goodies.
    I have far too many buttons for mr cheese's liking!
    The cotton reels are lovely.
    Happy sorting and creating

  7. Nice to have family for dinner, and all that wonderful sewing gear!! I love the old stuff.

    We get the Hairy bikers program here in Norway and I watch it too. Nice to hear the north eastern dialect.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Love the photos, such a lovely idea. I too enjoyed the Great British bake off last night and may get together with friends for a 'cake sale' for Sport's Relief.

  9. Sounds like a great family day with the added bonus of the goodies from our mum.