Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I won't start the way I'm tempted to, with apologies and excuses for not blogging, and berating my 'mojo' for having taken its leave of me...I'll just get right on and do a photographic summary of some of what's been going on here.

Little Hannah came to visit on a very hot and sticky day, but still managed to look pretty as a picture.  

Several new cottage pincushions were made...

We went to a retirement party for one of Mr U-t-B's ex-colleagues and I somehow got talked into posing for a group photo!  

We also celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary, going in to Farnham for an impromptu meal out, only to be greeted by a huge vintage car rally!

Vintage loveliness stretched as far as the eye could see...

The modern cars that managed to sneak into the vintage-filled one way system  looked so out of place and lacking in style!

This little scooter seemed to be acting as protection for the grand old dame, who was travelling at a rather sedate pace...

My 'dream' car was even there...

And it was for sale!!!
(Mr U-t-B is rather taken with Traction Avants too, and he was tempted to trade in our Toyota!)

Mr U-t-B got offered a ride in something stylish, but thought better of abandoning his wife on their anniversary!

This lovely car was so reminiscent of the car of my childhood days, being a similar shape and the same colour as the MG Magnette we used to have.

This one looked like it should be in the movies!

We got heavily into bird watching, courtesy of a sweet family of sparrows nesting in the eaves of the house next door.  

 I had sole charge of Sophia for a morning, during which time I was reminded how utterly charming little little people can be...

And how much banana is eaten...

And how much is smeared on the face...

There was a cake, made and decorated for the 'Novelty Cake Competition' at our street party.
Elodie (our French visitor), Miss U-t-B and I had fun with this!

Cakes, sandwiches and eclairs on the plates, a crown topped cake, cups and saucers and a teapot atop a snowy white tablecloth...

A soldier keeping guard (shame he didn't shoo the cat off the table!), washi tape bunting...

A naughty mouse peeping from under the table...

And the disappearing bottom and feet of the small boy chasing it!

Oh - and puddles, added by Miss U-t-B on Sunday morning, to make our cakey street party look more like the real thing!

Our street party (really in an adjoining street - organised by some generous souls from that road, who invited everyone from the five streets that make up what is called the 'Crown Estate') was fab!

Even the royals themselves put in an appearance..

Our friends' puppy really got into the spirit of things...

There was food a-plenty, a great band (Coma 69) and plenty to keep everyone entertained.  Best game was 'Water Balloon Volley Ball'.  Played in team of about six, the requirements were a large sheet per team and plenty of water-filled balloons!

Even the normally completely-disinterested-in-team-games Miss U-t-B got stuck into this!

There was also the cake decorating competition...

And we came 2nd!
(There were more than three entries!)



  1. Congratulations on your 2nd prize award! Love the cottage pincushions too. Looks like you've had a very memorable Diamond Jubilee weekend, love Claire xxx

  2. Your cake should have won - it was fabulous and full of humour which I like.

  3. i love seeing the vintag cars, if only i had more garage space i would have one!! I really like the 50's trucks :)
    That cake is flipping fabulous!!!!

  4. Lovely blog, cuteness everywhere!Amazing cake, should have won!

  5. I agree with Rosemary about the cake. No wonder you haven't had time to blog, what a great weekend. Hannah and Sophia are gorgeous. Oh for a complexion like that again.

  6. What fun I love your cake & the little banana smeared face is adorable !

  7. It looks like you've been having a really great time! I love your little pincushions. Your cake looks amazing (well done by the way!) and the street party looks loads of fun! Have a great weekend! Love Katie xxx