Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vintage at Milestones

7.30 am Sunday 24th June 2012, all was quiet in the streets, ginells and yards at 'Milestones' Museum, Basingstoke...

A number of strategically placed trestle tables hinted at the day that was to come...

Very soon the place was alive with sellers setting out their wares...

 Miss U-t-B and I busied ourselves next to the tram...

...and then passed a pleasant day, chatting with fellow stall holders and visitors.  It was a great setting and we had a most enjoyable day!

'Milestones' is a great museum, with so many little memory joggers...

...great room sets...

...and time-warp moments...

 It was a fabulous setting for a vintage fair, brought alive with music from a male quartet and dancing by a group of lindy-hoppers.

Such a shame I am incapable of taking a decent photo!
I blame a) Mr U-t-B for walking off with my camera
b) my phone, for taking rubbish photos!


  1. Love museums like that, though it always makes me feel strange when I see stuff from my childhood in a museum, makes me feel like a museum piece. LOL

  2. Very nice I love looking around museums like that .Love Jill xx

  3. It looks a great pace for an afternoon out. I remember OMO and Fairy Snow, and where have all the different soaps gone? Lux, Camay, etc all we get now is Dove!

  4. Would love to go there sometime- so interesting x

  5. Looks like you had a great time
    Julie xxxxxxxx