Monday, 11 June 2012

Just dropping by...

...for a quick post, lest you should think that we had inadvertently floated away on the torrents we have been blessed with (I'm trying to keep upbeat about this incessant rain, but really...)  Actually, we live on top of a hill, so are fairly safe from the deluges - though we've nearly been blown away in the wind-lashings instead! 

So what has been afoot in the Used-to-Bees household?

There was a very pleasant walk alongside the Basingstoke Canal, in that little-seen weather condition, sunshine.  You could almost think it was summer from this photo!

This pair of donkeys captured my heart along the way.  They were very small - is there such a thing as a pygmy donkey?  So sweet!

The purpose of the walk was to hunt for clean, fully open elderflower blossom, for our now traditional annual cordial making bonanza.  (Recipe here - but where have my photos gone?) It wasn't so much of a bonanza this year, with only enough blossom gathered for three bottles so far.  We hope for another sunny day to hunt further afield in order to make some more, because if we ever get any hot weather, this is the drink of choice! (And it makes a great present too.)

I forgot to show this lovely ribbon which Betty, my neighbour at The Maltings, had saved for me.
I was thrilled with it - seven packs in all.  

I also had a delivery from M is for Make who got all these lovely goodies to me the day after I'd ordered.  For the impatient, like me, such speedy attention to orders really merits a recommendation!

There was 'Woodland Fairies' from Lecien...

'Little Red' from Aneela Hoey...

 (which, incidentally,  has the cutest selvedge design ever...)

(along with the most charming little fox, who will surely keep Little Red' safe from any predatory wolf)

Then there was some of Natalie Lymer's 'Toadstool Houses'...

...and a great book, the  'Children's Style Book', which features designs made up in Liberty Tana Lawns and   Kingly Cords.  I find the front cover shot amusing! little Misses Sweet, Bored and Stroppy!

Lots of lovely patterns are included...

...though I can't help feeling I would like to shove a few pairs of Start-Rite Mary-Janes...

 or the direction of the stylists.  

I plumped for this pattern... order to use up some scraps left over from this project...

(Halter-neck dress for a shy Miss U-t-B to wear to the 'Vintage' at Milestones Museum event later in the month. Cherries on the outside, red-and-white polka dots on the inside)

Here are the left-overs...

This may be destined for Sophia, though I think she might prefer something more star-spangled, given her attraction to things astronomical last Wednesday...

(Sophia with The Observer Book of Astronomy, which she chose to 'read' on the day Venus transited the Sun!)

(PS Big me up please!  I just managed to upload that video AND put a new audio track onto it, ALL BY MYSELF.  It's nothing short of a miracle!)


  1. We haven't managed to get any Elderflowers yet this year. Every time we have had the time to spare it has been raining. Hoping it will be drier towards the weekend.
    Love your choice of fabrics and the dear models/patterns in your book. Beautiful dress you have made ... too clever by half!! M x

  2. I agree about the Mary Janes - much better than the clumpy ones. Love the ribbon too. P x

  3. well done you!!!! I wouldnt have a clue how to do the video thing! off to watch it :)

  4. Lovely post! Those cards of ribbon are gorgeous! Claire xxx

  5. Love the little red riding hood fabric, adorable. We've had no elderflower picking, by the time I've thought of it it's always been raining. Yours looks lovely, gorgeous labels.

  6. Love the fabric and the ribbon - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger