Friday, 15 June 2012

Fabric-a-licious Friday

You may have noticed that I have been struggling to get round to posting anything much on my blog recently.    

I do like my little space on the blogosphere, but don't seem to have anything much to say these days!

I have even been thinking that maybe I should just shuffle quietly away, but this seemed a little drastic as I do like the 'journal' aspect of blogging, a record of fun times and things I've enjoyed doing.  

So I thought that maybe if I could think of some regular-type posts I could do, I wouldn't be hanging around waiting for the children at school to come up with something amusing to write about, or to finish some project in order to do a 'ta-dah' post.

And so it was that with a package of fabric arriving nice and alliteratively today, on a Friday, I thought I would share its contents, and maybe I will use Fridays as a sort of treasury day, to record gorgeous fabrics I have found (Though I won't always be buying them.  That would be a rather expensive habit to get into!)

So here is what I purchased for an upcoming project.  I won't tell you what these will be turned into yet (I think I know, but I am in a dithery mood, as, indeed, is the person for whom this project is being made), but will show the result once complete.

All of these were bought online from 'The Eternal Maker', which has a HUGE selection of covetable fabrics. And I've even been so kind as to put links to each fabric's page, in case you are tempted!

Ordered (effectively) on Wednesday, they arrived today.
Pretty good!

buses, trucks & cars fabric £2.50 per 1/4m

robots - trefle - linen blend fabric from kokka £4.50 per 1/4m

Okay, it's pricey, but the quality and sweet design are great!

space cream - circa 52 - monaluna - birch organic fabrics £4.00

I chose this for the design, without noticing the 'organic' price.  Lovely, but I'd prefer another of the Kokka linen blends if spending that much...

pirate pups - monkey's bizness - alexander henry fabrics £3.00 per 1/4 m

I love the stories in each of the motifs of this one.  I might have to buy more for a bigger project.  And it has this cute co-ordinated fabric...

pirate flags - monkey's bizness - alexander henry fabrics

animal trains by cosmo tex

I am a sucker for cute selvedges, so I wish I'd bought more of this one!

animal trains by cosmo tex

I needed a solid for my project and this one is great...

moda cross weave - storm £3.00

It was awfully hard for me to stop there.  I was especially keen to acquire these...

gone fishin' - storyboek fq bundle by jay-cyn for birch fabrics

Lovely, but I wasn't really looking for nursery colours.

monsterz mint fq bundle - michele brummer everett for cloud 9 fabrics

Cute, but I wanted to mix-and-match myself, rather than buying a co-ordinated bundle.

chasing airplanes - sarah jane for michael miller fabrics

I just forgot to put this one on my order! Oh dear, maybe next time!

Have a fab weekend - hope this storm doesn't turn out as bad as they seem to be suggesting...


  1. Fabby Fabrics - I'm off to have a look!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh have missed you Alix,dont you dare just sneak away,lol.Fabrics are lovely I know 3 little boys that would love theone with the train with animals in.Hope you are well love Jill xx

  3. Hi Alex, I've only just realised that I'm missing from your followers must have happened when I had that little wobble a while ago, anyway I've rectified that now, so I'll be able to keep up with your blog again.

    The fabrics are lovely, thanks for the links, can't wait to see what you make with your gorgeous stash.
    lily x

  4. No sneaking of now Alix!
    We'd miss you.
    Love the fabric stash and can't wait to see what wonderful things you'll make with them
    Have a lovely weekend

  5. lovely!! its a good idea to have regular posts...a lot of blogs i read do this. I always mean to but forget....i should do what they do and schedule posts to publish on certain days but i'mnot sure i quite like that idea?!!

  6. Wow so much lovely fabric here, they are such cheerful and original designs. And don't you dare think about stopping blogging!
    Look forward to seeing what you're going to make!
    Have a great weekend Alix - probably perfect sewing weather!
    Gill xx

  7. I like the circus animals one best ! Have fun with these & looking forward to seeing what you make x

  8. oooh lovely fabrics, you know me I do love a good print! And don't shuffle off, I've been MIA lately and I'm going to continue, so you should, otherwise I will stalk you at Farnham and bully you to do it ;o)

  9. I am sure you are going to put these fabrics to very good use. Please don't shuffle away, I have only recently found you and I think your blog is delightful.