Friday, 22 June 2012

A very special birthday present

First of all, thanks for the nice comments on my last post (when I was thinking of shuffling off) and a big welcome to new followers.  I think there is something in the air at the moment (rain perhaps?), as others out there in blogland seem to be feeling similar.  Anyway, as I said, I do like blogging as a record of events, and this week or so has been jam packed with things to note down for posterity!

If you've been reading this blog a while, you may remember that this time last year, a very special delivery was made, just ahead of Father's Day...


Thus it was that last Sunday (a day ahead of the actual anniversary) we found ourselves at a very lovely 'Fairies and Bugs' tea party to celebrate a first birthday!  The food Mags and Ewa had prepared was as pretty as a picture (so I took several!)

Mummy, Daddy and Baby were suitably attired...

As was Miss U-t-B...

...who also tried to echo the mood of magic and mystery by practising the skills of hypnosis and levitation...

Nearly there...


 Sophia liked her CK rag doll and the bed I'd painted and made bedding for...

...though her Mummy probably liked it better!

Only one thing took a teeny weeny edge off the afternoon - the fact that two close family members were absent.  However this was for the best of reasons!  For the second year on the trot, it looked like Mr U-t-B would have a new grandchild on Father's Day!  In the end the new arrival took a leisurely pace into the world, and instead arrived on Sophia's birthday!

No photos with Mummy and Daddy yet, but here's a very proud and happy aunt...

The new arrival is called...

So now you can see what all the boy fabric was for!

 BIG congratulations to the clever parents! 

Welcome to the world little man - may your days be filled with happiness, love and laughter! 


  1. Oh what a sweet post. What adorable little tots and the fairy theme (and teatime treats) are wonderful. Thank goodness the weather was kind. We had the Olympic torch trudging through Lakeland yesterday and the little school kids got so wet they forgot to sing their well rehearsed song! It's been a wash-out and again today as the torch heads through Lancaster to Blackpool where enormous waves are whipping up and over the promenade. Hopefully it will have all blown away by the time the games begin. Love your fabric from the previous post and thanks for the link to 'The Eternal Maker' (just up my street!)

  2. What a lovely post, full of the joy of new life. The party table looks wonderful very professional indeed. You have a stunning daughter, and now a grand daughter to match well done!

  3. ahhhh congratulations! what a little cutie Dylan is x
    And what a fabulous faury party too!
    have a lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  4. I have been dropping in on your blog from time to time....loved this post. the tea party looks wonderful, and has given me all sorts of ideas for when my quite new grandaughter ( 3 months old) celebrates her birthday next year. Welcome to Dylan and congatulations to all concerned. J.

  5. Happy first birthday to Sophia and a big welcome to Dylan. Imagine having two grandchildren sharing the same birth date, what are the chances of that happening. June means lots of happiness for you all.

  6. Gorgeous post, I loved the fairy party (and Daddy's elf ears!!!). Perfect for a sweet 1 year old. Many congratulations on the safe 'arrival' of darling little Dylan - this is going to be an expensive time of the year from now on!

  7. Congratulations to you all beautiful babies bring so much joy and 1yr olds so much mischief and fun.what a wonderful fairy party think I may have one at my next birthday do you think the family will allow it ?Take care Alix love Jill xx

  8. What a lovely, happy post. Thank you for sharing these special moments.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Gorgeous birthday party and another very cute newborn to brighten the year.

  10. Aw how sweet is that?
    Welcome to the world little man

  11. Lovely photos from the party and lovely to see a pic of Dylan too he looks very sweet and Ellen looks like a very proud Aunty- can't wait to meet him, see you all soon xx

  12. How totally adorable. What a magical party & what a lovely fairy auntie Miss U T B makes. Love Dylan's bunting.

    It has gone quiet in Blogland. I get hardly any comments these days but I've noticed a growing numbers of readers & would love to know who they are ! ( some are family & friends )