Friday, 11 January 2013

A bit of fabulous-ness for a Friday

I am in a haberdashery sort of a mood this week.

Maybe it's because I am doing an job that I hate - one that pretends to be sewing but  is really just hemming mixed in with a bit of wrestling, a spot of weight lifting, a bit of furniture moving, heaps of crawling around on the floor and lot of time pushing pins through impossibly thick 'stuff'.  Yes, I am finally trying to finish off the curtains for our bedroom - we have be curtain-less for too long and if we don't get something up soon, I think the neighbours will begin to complain!

So whilst I do my not-really-sewing, I am dreaming of prettier jobs, and of surrounding myself with all manner of desirable sewing paraphernalia, courtesy of two suppliers I have recently come across.

First, there is Maison Sajou, a 'resurrected' French company, purveyors of every imaginable joy for the lover of sewing and vintage!   I'm not going to pretend that what you find on this lovely website is cheap, but one has to dream!  And make birthday wishlists!

Traditional costume reels

Folding embroidery knives

Empty bobbins to buy

Vintage style boxes and needlecards

Thread organisers

Embroidery, cross-stitch, tapestry and lace patterns

Beautiful scissors of many designs

Thread organisers

Rosettes of pins

Merchant and Mills have the same vintage appeal, but in black and white. They have just opened a shop in Rye - I think a trip along the coast is required...

All sorts of pins

French safety pins

Measuring implements


Selected notions box

Now where is THAT lottery ticket?


  1. I must make a trip to Sussex one day, a small holiday as seems to much to see and do, and have not been for ages. That shop looks so interesting! Love all those boxes too. Minerva x

  2. Buy a ticket for me too won't you. Merchant and Mills - doesn't that just look the bees knees.

  3. Lovely haberdashery! I would be really happy in a room full of bobbins, buttons and ribbons! :) x

  4. Gorgeous things and pretty packaging. The shop looks an amazing place to lose yourself in ... please report back!

  5. It all looks GORGEOUS! Now get back to your not-really-sewing ;D