Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ta-Dah Tuesday!

Yesterday I finally finished the little ballet wrap I had been working on ever so intermittently since the summer.  I remember I knitted the back during a tense Wimbledon Men's final - hence mistakes that led to me putting the project aside for a good while!

Eventually I unravelled and got back on track, only to make a right front that did not match the left front, leading to another spell shoved at the bottom of my knitting bag.  

With long evenings on holiday (the 'evening' starting around two when the slopes were generally rather slushy for fun skiing) books, cross-stitch and knitting all made progress.

By Saturday, all I had left to do were the borders - goodness though, they took a LONG time.  But I think they were worth it in the end.  

I love the colour of this yarn - one by Bergere de France called Sonora - a cotton/acrylic mix.  I don't normally like knitting with synthetics, but this didn't set my teeth on edge, and I'm sure it will be more practical in terms of washing.

The shade of blue reminds me of bluebells!  Ah, dreams of Spring!

It was hard to find the right shade of ribbon, so I ended up with four different lengths of blue.  But I wish I had thought ahead and found what I have now ordered from 'The Ribbon Girl' - some wide silk ribbon which I think will drape more prettily and look less shiny than the ordinary stuff I purchased from the local shop.

Wide silk ribbon from The Ribbon Girl

The pattern was from this booklet...

Sublime yarns and patterns by Sirdar
Yarn: Sonora by Bergere de France in Mosaique

...from which I have now knitted four items, making it a reasonably priced option.

First I made the 'sailing Sweater' for dear little Hannah...

Then the 'Sunday Brunch Jacket' (oh, I love the names!) for Zosia...

...and the bonnet to match...

I've got my eye on the 'Vintage Car Coat' now...

But I am being a good girl and NOT buying more wool till I've knocked another few works-in-progress off my list.  (This is NOT a New Year's Resolution - more of a shift in attitude that may, or may not, remain with me!)

This is next to be worked on...

Based loosely on a pattern in 'Cross Stitcher' magazine, but using only red thread as I didn't have the required colours when away!

Hoping to link up with Lakota's 'Ta-Dah Tuesday', over at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping.  But even if there aren't loads of Ta-Dahs to look at, it's worth hopping over to read her celebrity resolutions.

Are you a 'finisher' or an 'eternal starter' like me?


  1. It so pretty! Oh to be a ballerina!!! :) x

  2. Oh dear - definitely an eternal starter!
    I love your little ballet cardi - it is such a beautiful colour.

  3. Love the ballet cardigan. Such a pretty shade of blue. Your cross stitch looks interesting:)

  4. I love the sweater, the color is gorgeous. I've promised myself that I will finish all projects that I have started before I start anything new.

  5. I love the cardigan and it is a lovely colour. i wish the pattern was in my size... and the sailor top too! i am an eternal starter and so impressed that despite mistake you went on to finish the knitting. i was making a jumper that after a year became a scarf....... xx

  6. They are both utterly gorgeous! I'm an enthusiastic starter of jobs, but I read today that creative people have short attention spans!


  7. I have a baby cardigan and a tea cosy still to finish before I start on anything else.

  8. Neither starter or finisher when it comes to knitting ! Totally gorgeous makes.

  9. What cute cardigans. I love the pretty blue one.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  10. You are such a clever lady, the baby knits are stunning. there is nothing that beats a warm sweet smelling baby in cosy home knitted attire, so cuddly and a thing of beauty.

  11. Oh you've made some beautiful projects, that little ballet cardigan is beautiful. The ribbon reminds me of the satin edging on my old 'blue blanket' I had when I was a little girl, it was so nice and tactile to stroke. The cross-stitch looks like it's going to be really lovely too.

    (Thanks for the mentions - I see Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have already split up, as predicted. Just call me mystic Meg!)

  12. Just found you via Flutterby Patch. I loved the 10 items you made from one jumper - a girl after my own heart. Well done you on raising such a fab sum too. x Jo

  13. The ballet wrap is gorgeous! Masterfully done!