Thursday, 31 January 2013


I've been a good girl this month.

Not one packet of biscuits brought into the house.

(I haven't been sneaking them into the shed either!)

Only one magazine bought. 

(I so rarely make anything from the crafty ones, and I only drool over the pretty pictures in the house-y ones.  Pinterest is a perfectly good alternative!)

More walking, fewer car trips.

More culture - books, films, classical music.

(Why listen to certain irritating so-called disc-jockeys helping the nation vent their spleen when you can put Classic FM on instead?)

And absolutely NO new projects!

It's not like I do New Year's Resolutions, it's just that a brand spanking new year deserves a few, shall we say, 'adjustments'.

Anyway, the adjusting means that I have finished off not one but two scarves (mentioned previously but not shown)...

(Modelled by 'Buffy' my trusty tailor's dummy, as the ones  tried to take of myself were, frankly, laughable!)

Lovely Noro wool for one...

This is the dastardly '7-stitch wrap' that a friend and I both tussled with for ages, before finally managing, well, kind of...

The 7-stitch wrap was not worth the effort with the fluffy wool I got from the bargain bin for a pound - you can't really see it! Boo!

 Also finished this month were the bedroom curtains, the ballet wrap for Zosia and - drum roll, please! -  the 'Snapdragon Quilt'!  Yes, you read right - it is done!

The binding was laboriously sewn by hand on both sides as I couldn't get it right with the machine for the front side. Very annoying (and probably something to do with my salvaged blanket wadding).

It is lovely and weighty - it almost clunks when you chuck it over your knees...

I learnt that getting slap-dash with the 'scant 1/4 inch' seams causes big problems with the borders (don't look too closely at the corners) and will resolve to try better next time!

My hand-quilting improved as I went along - it doesn't look TOO bad on the back (and the print I chose- 'Whitewash' by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studio -  is quite forgiving).


But all this finishing off is a little too virtuous.

You'd forgive a girl if she felt the need for a little bit of planning...

Maybe a bit of a 'feasibility study'...

 A 'prototype' perhaps?

An eeensy-weensy bit of a 'mock-up'?

I'm sure none of these things really constitute starting a new project.  

I'm right, eh?


Looking forward to getting back to reading and writing blog posts, now I've finished my stint at proper work...


  1. oooh your quilt is divine - totally divine ! and the scarves gorgeous.
    I like the look of what you are planning !

  2. Love the quilt and the scarves...and, the fabrics in your mock-up:) are being so good at finishing in January...bravo!!!

  3. I love the quilt and the fact that you used a blanket for wadding, I did this once with a single bed quilt, trouble was it was so heavy, but lovely and warm.
    I know what you mean about finishing projects, I'm the worst at starting new things. They do get finished in the end but sometimes a its a long wait. lol

  4. Well done finishing your projects,love your quilt it looks lovely drapped over the sofa,scarfs are lovely too nice and warm looking.Well done with the no biscuits its hard isn't it?Love Jill xx

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous Alix and so are the scarves. Like you, no resolutions for me just a few changes and challenges.
    Patricia x

  6. Good grief I can't believe the number of knitting projects you have managed to complete this month - what a brilliant start to the New Year, and how self-righteous (and proud of course!) you must feel!
    The quilt is lovely - the colours go perfectly in your sitting room, and the next project is looking very nautical - can't wait to see more!
    Gill xx

  7. I still have a tea cosy and a child's cardigan from last year to finish, so I'm full of admiration at all those lovely "finished" things!

  8. What a lovely post, my my you've been busy. I LOVE the quilt. well done you!!! The scarfs are so pretty too. xxx