Saturday, 12 January 2013

More Toddler Philosophy and a film recommendation

It was an absolute joy earlier this week to be looking after Zosia once again.  It was three weeks since we'd had our regular Wednesday together, and luckily she seemed happy to be here and got straight back into her usual routines.  

She's not yet reached the stage where 'No' is the answer to everything, so early in the day, just as she was beginning to get every item out of the toy basket to ascertain that all was present and correct (brown bear - check; three mice - check; 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' (alternatively known as 'Uh-oh!') - check; etc etc etc) we asked her a few questions about her Christmas.

'Did you have a good time in Poland?' Mr U-t-B queried.

'Yesh,' came the reply.

'Was Grandma well?' continued the inquisitor.


'And Grandad well?'


Did you have lots of nice presents? Was it cold?  and Did it snow? followed, all of which were answered with a very sweet,


Secure now that no answer other than yes was going to be forthcoming, Mr U-t-B then posed the question'

'What's the answer to everything?' 

A short and thoughtful pause followed.

'CHEEEESE!' came the reply.

(Back in October she seemed to proclaim cheese to be the key to success and long-term fulfillment - see here.)

She's learning to count.  Fingers, toes, curtain rings and buttons being favourites.  Counting the buttons on my blouse, she went; 

'One, two,' with confidence, 
then more quietly, 
'sree, sore, sive,' 
by which time the buttons had run out.  

However, to my surprise 
(as we'd only been going up to five) 
she then said, 




In other news, Mr U-t-B and I went to see a film.  We began a campaign to visit the cinema each week last winter, but failed quickly when family commitments got in the way.  But this year it looks like more of a possibility as we now have a cinema in Aldershot, after probably a decade of the town being cinema-less.  

(Shame that with the Morrisons we got this...

The most ghastly and ENORMOUS green and yellow patchwork wall, plus strange 'We-haven't-finished-building' metalwork - what an eyesore!)

It's only a ten minute walk away and is in a complex with lots of 'eateries' so there's even the possibility of combining a film and a meal out from time to time!  How very grown up!

Anyway, we went to see 'Quartet', a film set in Beecham House, a home for retired musicians.  It was directed by Dustin Hoffman and stars Dame Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins, Sir Michael Gambon and Sheridan Smith.  

I could give you a resume, but this trailer does it so much better...

Great performances from everyone, including the many older musicians who swelled the cast list and made me rather wish I'd stuck at the violin, become a great performer and could spend my twilight years in a lively, pleasantly cacophonic place like Beecham House!

I really enjoyed the film, which was funny, sweet and life-affirming.  


  1. I did laugh at the charm of 'boob'! and i did want to see that film - i may try and go today. xx

  2. What a sweet little person, she is gorgeous. This is a lovely age when they are starting to learn.
    I am hoping to go and see this film very soon!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. What a goegeous grand-daughter! They're lovely to have, aren't they? I'm looking forward to that film, read reviews recently. Dperessed by the look of your local shopping complex though, as that's what's happening locally (Hereford). They've just started building and I fear we may end up with the ubiquitous complex you see in every town - and, worse, that the old town here will simply die off. Shame. Though it will be good to have a decent cinema!

  4. Little girls are great aren't they? Children keep it simple and uncomplicated, just how I like life to be. Quartet is on my 'to see' list also after a colleague recommended it this week.

  5. That film is on my "to see" list. Sounds good.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Reading this you've made me want to grab the nearest time travelling vehicle and shoot back to when mine were little! She's so cute! :) x

  7. Zosia is delightful. Cheese, haha!

    Quartet looks super and wonderfully British. Well done to Dustin for embracing the best of us!


  8. Oh I love that age! Sophia's absolutely gorgeous, what a litte bundle of joy xxx

  9. What a delightful little girl. I'd like to see Quartet but we are going to see Les Mis next week & I can't wait !

  10. What a little darling, she may have a point with the answer to everything! I would love to see Quartet, let's see if I can persued the other half.

  11. Oh my goodness ..... what a little poppet!
    I can't wait to have grandchildren one day.
    I fancy that film, must try to see it or add it to my LoveFilm list
    love jooles x

  12. Cheese! Now why didn't I know that? What a gorgeous girl.
    I think we would enjoy that film too. Two films I've enjoyed recently (not at the cinema) are "A Shine of Rainbows" and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". Both very moving and well acted.
    Carol xx