Friday, 6 December 2013

A bunch of fairies

No, I'm not trading insults with some football team or other!  I have been having fun revamping my fairy design.  The year before last I had fun making fairies like these...

...even if the sight in my workroom, as the task was in progress, was somewhat alarming...

This year, I decided to make a few more - they seem popular as presents - but I wanted to simplify the body design and use a bit of colour.  All those upper and lower arms and legs were a lot fiddly, and though I liked the pose-ability, I wasn't quite convinced.  So this time, arms and legs were one-piece and skinny.  And instead of white-with-touches-of-pastel, I decided to use velvet ribbon and Liberty Tana lawns, or faded vintage prints. Oh, and I ditched the beaded wings and crowns in favour of salvaged lace.

So here are some of my new bunch...

Liberty 'Tatum' lawn in red

Liberty 'Capel' lawn 

Liberty 'Tatum' lawn in turquoise

This Paisly print feels like Tana lawn but I have no idea  whether it is or not as it is a remnant that appeared in my workroom from I know not where!

Vintage fabric rescued from an old bed cover, gloriously faded

I am rather pleased with how they turned out, but won't be having one on top of our tree, which is always crowned with the cardboard angel made by Miss U-t-B when she was just a tiny thing.

What do you have on top of your Christmas tree?


  1. Hi Alix, it was lovely to meet you yesterday. I really love these fairies, especially their beautiful faces. I was tempted to buy one from Liberty's last Christmas but resisted as I always use a fairy made by Little Bird from a polystyrene cup and ball when she was a toddler. Strange how hard it is to stop using them year after year.

  2. These are delightful, Alix! Without having joints you've made it easier fro them to point their toes all the time, like a good fairy should.


  3. Oh they are beautiful Alix. I love their velvet tops - they look like they are wrapped up to go out for something special. Sweet little faces ( very Angelic but I bet they get up to all sorts when the lights go out - lock up your wines & spirits ! )

    .I have a star on the top of my tree

  4. They are so pretty! You are right, the work in progress photo is a bit ... strange! Ha!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Love your angels and so wonderful to see those lovely fabrics again.