Tuesday, 3 December 2013

In which I get myself a new man

Aha! I hear you say!  

'I knew there must be a reason she has been oh-so-very quiet these last couple of months...'

However, maybe I should have capitalised  and punctuated that to make my meaning a little clearer.

In which I get myself a 'New Man'

Mr U-t-B has not been traded in for a different model - oh no! 
(For that sounds like far too much hard work!)
  He has just re-invented himself as a bit of a cook. 
 Don't get me wrong - he has always been able to cook 
(he even taught me how to do a Sunday roast many years ago)  
but in recent years it has mostly been me that did the daily cooking.

But now, in addition to a new pot of soup every other day, he produces delicious dinners.  Take, for example, this evening's chicken and leek pie, which we half demolished before I even had a chance to take a snap of it...

But most exciting of all, he has decided to indulge in a spot of baking.  Here's a coffee and walnut cake in the making!

(Holey jumper as he was in the middle of painting windowsills.  Honest!)

Made with walnuts he'd recently brought back from friends in France, it was yummy!

Aside from having cake to eat, Mr U-t-B has decided that cake baking definitely has its plus points...

A return to childhood!


  1. He's definitely a keeper...:)


  2. Sounds marvellous! As my dear hussy's only accomplishes to make coffee, I envie you :-).

  3. You are SO lucky!

    Give that man a new jumper, he's earned it (and you can make lots of lovelies out of the old holy


  4. That's my favorite part of baking!