Wednesday, 18 December 2013


How do you choose a book to read, I wonder?

I know that I am a sucker for an appealing front cover, a point that was brought home to me with one of my last two 'finishes', Tracy Chevalier's 'The Last Runaway'.  As I am away from home at the moment and wanted to write a post, I googled images and found four different front covers.  So would I have selected this book?

Probably not...

Or this?

Perhaps - I like to be helped to imagine 
the main character, 
though she looks a little cold.

Or this?

Definitely - 
I like this cover best of all!

The one I did choose had the cover below, but I have to say, it was bought when I was desperate for something to read and I wasn't overly taken with the cover.  Luckily, I quite enjoyed the story about a Quaker girl who leaves 19th century Dorset for the United States of America, becoming involved in the Underground Railroad.  Although I didn't feel the characters had enough depth, there was enough to keep me reading.  

On my way to my little holiday, I chose three titles to keep me busy (vastly overestimating, as usual, how much I would be able to get through in a shortish space of time).  Once again, covers drew me in.

Image courtesy of

Funny that I never fancied reading The Book Thief when it had this cover...

Image courtesy of Woman and Home

So far I have only managed to finish reading Pomfret Towers which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Set in 1930s Barsetshire, it has a host of likeable characters to root for and it made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions.   I will be looking out for more of Angela Thirkell's books.  Good to know I won't be choosing these based solely on the attractiveness of the covers!


  1. I didn't know Tracy Chevalier had another book out - I'd buy one of hers whatever the cover looks like!

    The Book Thief. I bought it with the original cover, and believe me, it is a very appropriate cover. Loved the book - if 'loved' is the right word. Don't know if I'll be able to cope with watching the film (like The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - read and 'loved' the book, haven't yet been able to watch the dvd sitting by the tv.).

    The Misbegotten looks interesting.


  2. I do enjoy Angela Thirkell too. Haven't read any of Tracy Chevalier, though I've seen them on Amazon. I just finished "The Woman Upstairs" and am now working my way through the complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway. I really like them which surprises me, I've never be a big fan of his.

  3. Like Jo, I have read The Book Thief with that cover - powerful read. I'd have chosen the third cover of The Last Runaway !

  4. Hooray, I picked up the new Tracy Chevalier from the library yesterday - it had the first cover you showed :)

  5. It really does make a difference. I do read the "blurb" on the back but a cover could put me off picking it up in the first place. I have read several Debbie Macomber books this year, not particularly "deep" but I am enjoying them. Started her Three Christmas Angels last night and found I was smiling away as I read it.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Carol xx