Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Trawlback Tuesday

Me and my camera have fallen out with each other!  I think maybe the gloom and the shortness of the days has got to the poor little thing...   

Whatever it is, I just can't seem to get any decent photos out of it, so I decided to trawl back through my Picasa web albums and see if I could find something that hopefully I either never put on my blog, or that I posted so long ago that few people will have already seen it.

So here we are!  A useful reminder to me of a technique I haven't used for ages, and a nice thrifty one too, using as it does the tiniest scraps of leftover felt.  

Inspired by this old tea cosy...

I tried my hand at a felt flower collage...

See those tiny little felt discs?
A paper hole punch was used for those!

I'm going to get going on a few of these again very soon!


  1. Those little flowers are amazing - what a great idea to use a paper punch. I will remember that!

  2. How annoying, I'd be lost without mine!

  3. Delightful makes. I like seeing the new against the old all dainty & very pretty.

  4. Beautiful little felt and embroidered pieces Alix - what will you make with them? They almost look like little needle-cases?
    Having the same with my camera - the light is just not good enough some days! And it being an ordinary digital one there are only so many adjustments I can make.
    Have a great Christmas Alix!
    Gill xx

    1. You're right - they ARE needlecases! I will have a fiddle with my camera's settings today and see if I can get it to co-operate!

  5. That is so pretty
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. Stunning collage Alix and that tea cosy is a beaut isn't it? xx

  7. My camera hates me.

    Your little felt flowers are adorable!


  8. Hi Alix! What a pretty needlebook. I love the flowers you created. That would be fun to try. And makes you think of the coming summer and being in the garden once again.

    I have a new camera as mine was not focusing well any longer. But the new one is a little to complex for me. *sigh* I blogged less but am determined to get used to this new one. They seem to loose their focus faster and faster anymore.

    Hugs from Holland ~