Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bonus Day

Today has felt like a bit of a bonus.  Don't worry - no near death situations, just that I was expecting to teach all day, but when I got into school, turned out a reorganised assembly schedule had put a spanner in the works  big time and so home I came, skippetty-hop, keen to get on with a bit of stitching.

First I sewed together the pieces and layers for some notebook slipcovers, mostly made from bits of tray cloths with a sprinkling of vintage fabrics.  They're not quite finished yet (hand stitching, ribbons and buttons still needed) but I'm quite pleased with them. Here's a couple of them (these made with new fabrics). 

As I wasn't ready to sit down and do the hand stitching and embellishing, I then decided to reach for the glue and have a go at covering some boxes I've been gathering up over the past months.  First, just a little one.

Note to self: next time, get the fabric the right way up!

Then onto a bigger project.  

One side...

And the other...

Top and side.  Can you guess what it is yet?


Please admire me from all sides!

 This being a trial run, there are one or two minor imperfections, so this one will have to stay with me - what a terrible shame!  The set of drawers only cost £2 from Mr Tesco, so I think I will be heading that way again soon for some more to do.  My lovely girl thinks they would be very popular, which always seems like the ultimate in compliments!

So that's been my bonus day.  The down side is that I have to go back and work tomorrow instead!

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  1. You certainly put your unexpected free time to some use! Love the little book covers, the fabric is great. That box looks a bit like hard work though! Well done.