Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sources of Inspiration

Today I have been mostly been gaining an enormous sense of satisfaction by tidying the drawers of our big old roll-top desk...

...which previously looked lovely (as far as I was concerned) on the outside, but whose drawers were of the chaotic 'Man Drawer' sort made famous by Michael MacIntyre.  

The one difference being that these muddled, mish-mash drawers were not created by Mr U-t-B but by me, I am ashamed to say, though I'm sure my mother will not be at all surprised to read it!

Anyhow, they are now so well organised I was almost tempted to take photos, but then I took a grip of myself and decided instead to make some use of the tripod Mr U-t-B brought home yesterday to help me with close-up shots.

As I've been doing some cottage embroidery lately, I have been trying to find different ways to do flowers.  So here are some photos of other people's stitching wizardry from the guest towels in our bathroom.

Plenty of ideas there!

On a entirely different subject, I was shocked and devastated by revelations in Spooks last night...How very disappointing!  Thank heavens this evening's viewing should be calmer - Kirstie's Homemade Home, swiftly followed by Turn Back Time, The High Street.  I've just got time to make a cup of tea and gather some felt and a selection of threads before settling down!

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