Monday, 8 November 2010

Car booty, two questions and a rainy day giveaway!

After a busy day at Farnham Maltings on Saturday, I thought I'd reward myself and head down to our most local Car Boot Sale yesterday morning.  I went on my own two pins as I was sure I would be coming back empty handed - I've never found much there on previous occasions.  It starts at ten and I was there pretty much on the dot, though I expected that to mean it was already in full swing.  In fact, people were only just unloading, so I had to wander for a while without much to look at .

First I spotted a couple of sweet woollies that might felt up nicely.  Fingers crossed.  Forgot to take photos of those before I popped them in the washing machine!

Then came a Mason's soap dish.

Then I came across a big van being emptied of boxes and boxes of mixed up bits and pieces as well as a larger individual items.  I saw an interesting basket, but decided I couldn't [be bothered to] carry it all the way home, so  moved on to the boxes.  What I really wanted were some vintage teacups to make into teacup candles, as they were very popular on Saturday, and I'm sure they'll be even more so at the Christmas Fairs.  I spotted a couple of cups, but then delved deeper into the box.

First, came a sweet little teapot.

Then the matching milk jug and sugar bowl.

Then the sandwich plate, five tea plates, five cups and six saucers!

And such a bargain too!  

With all that in my foldaway bag, I felt it was time to head for home, but I thought I'd take another look around for lone teacups to turn into candles (the set will stay together, of course).  No such luck, though I did find a small teapot that I intend making a cosy for - nice present I thought...

By the time I walked past the stall where I had acquired the teaset, the basket I had spotted was still there, which I always take as Fate having decided it was meant to go home with me!  So it did!  After all, it would balance me up, with the teaset in one hand and the basket on the other, as I toddled home.

Here it is.

Not yet a beauty, but definite potential!

So here are the questions, which I do hope anyone out there in Blogland who is reading this will answer to help me in my dilemma.

  1. Do I leave it as a picnic basket (as it has four place settings inside, all in mint condition) or transform it into a sewing basket?
  2. Do I leave it natural or paint it?  (Either way the lid is begging to be lightly padded and covered with some vintage fabric.) 
And because it has been such a miserable morning, I have decided to send a little gift in the direction of one lucky person who either answers my questions in the Comments, or leaves a comment about my car boot finds or becomes a follower (my current followers will also be entered!).  I will draw a name out of a hat next Monday (that'll be the 15th).  Here's what's up for grabs... one more surprise item!


  1. well it looks like I'm the first, but I only really popped over to say thanks for leaving your sweet comment on the Vintage at the Village Hall blog...I so SO hope you'll be able to come, the cakes will be worth the trip I promise!!

    If the picnic set is for re-sale I'd leave it just as-is because then its profit turned with no time spent, meaning you can spend extra time on something else.

    If it's to keep, I'd turn it into a sewing box.

    Lattice work is a pig to paint because the paint seeps though a little bit inside but not enough, and then you have to figure out what to do with the interior!

    Love the CB finds- lucky you with the teaset :))

    Have a good week xx

  2. Hi there,
    Lovely finds at the car boot, loved all of them
    I would transform the lovely basket into a sewing box as it is just a perfect size by the looks of it for a project on the go,
    I think I would paint it, but then I paint everything!
    I have just found your blog and have becoma follower,
    Andrea at Fin and Gabs

  3. I love the tea set, the shape and the colour are lovely. I would keep the basket as a picnic set but maybe add some vintage fabric. I think painting it could be tricky.
    Ann x

  4. I would buy something like that with no intention of doing anything to it other than imagine Dorothy carrying Toto in it, the reason I would have bought it in the first place.
    The idea of sprucing the lid and making a sewing box is a fine idea so I'm going to encourage that because you make lovely things when you sew!