Monday, 1 November 2010

Stash Building

I've been really lucky lately, with some generous donations for recycling.

First came this bundle from a fellow stall holder at The Maltings. She wondered if I might be able to make use of them...

  I should say so!

Next, I went for a cup of coffee with a friend and came back with a bin-bag full of fabric - stripes, florals and cute vintage children's prints.  Then she came for lunch here, armed with a bag of the sweetest min pom-pom trim!

I also have a 'Linen Fairy' who stops by my front door from time to time and leaves a package of goodies that her husband has found when doing a house clearance.  Her last bundle contained twenty intriguing handmade napkins, each with a little pocket in one corner containing a penny-sized weight.  Perfect for those al-fresco meals!  

Yesterday, my Mum very kindly brought me a big bag of bits and bobs that had been lurking in a cupboard.

Sweet lace butterflies and flowers.

 I seem to remember one of those red swans swimming along the hem of my dress circa 1968!

The pink, blue and brown are tennis ball sized rolls of stranded embroidery thread!

Two beautiful lace camisoles in a gorgeous coffee colour.
I haven't used lace much recently, but I'm looking forward to trying to dream up some creations to make good use of this bounty!  

On a completely different subject, both Miss U-t-B and I are really looking forward to nine o'clock tomorrow evening and the start of Turn Back Time - The High Street!

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