Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Guess what Wednesday

I was just about to put this in the recycling bin the day before yesterday...

...when I was struck with an idea!

First I peeled it apart, turned it inside out and re-glued it.
(Not sure that this was essential, but it made me feel more creative!)

Then  I three-quarter filled it with rice.

Next a strip of wool felt, some tiny scraps of vintage fabric (I knew these bits would have a use one day!) and a bit of Bondaweb.  

Then a bit of couching...

And a bit of embroidery...

Then a bit of blanket stitch, some carefully cut triangles and a bit of stuffing to create these...

 Mini-Cottage Pincushions!


  1. Gorgeous!!
    Love them and the ickle bicycle is adorable.

  2. They are incredible and there was me thinking it was going to be a vegetarian recipe when I clicked on the link.