Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Can't-think-of-a-title Tuesday!

With a fourteenth birthday to be celebrated, we had a busy weekend! 

First, a joint birthday meal with friends for Miss U-t-B and her best friend (who happens to be two days older than her) at Frankie and Benny's, then what I shall loosely term a 'sleepover' for eight (can't really complain - they were all quiet by about midnight!), then a birthday tea for family on Sunday...

A good excuse to get out the decent china and make lots of sweet and savoury nibbles!

Delia's 'Posh Sausage Rolls' went down well, as did my old faithful 'Chicken Ribbon Sandwiches' (parsley butter on one slice, lemon mayonnaise and diced chicken breast on top of the second, topped with a third - yum!), though what I like best are the egg and roasted red pepper ones (which were my Granny's favourite).

The food went down well, but not as well as Miss U-t-B's new ski jacket which was, apparantely, being lusted after by her big brother!

Suits you!

The birthday girl was delighted and extremely surprised by her present, which was a decidedly-girly, PINK laptop.  She works very hard on her homework and we thought this would help her with her GCSEs, which she starts next year!

Here she is getting some expert help in setting up from big sister and her boyfriend.
My Mum brought along three teapots for me to make tea cosies for.  Two were bought in a charity shop and one was a very kind donation from our lovely friend, Sheila!  Thank you so much, Sheila, if you are reading this! 

I'm not sure that this one from the charity shop doesn't go rather well with my favourite Noritake teaset (seen on the table above, which sadly doesn't have its own teapot). Mr Used-to-Bees is coming round to Art Deco style and likes this too!

Yesterday I tried to gear myself up for the thee Christmas Fairs I'm attending over the next few weeks.  

First I melted the last of my soya wax, scented it with 'Fresh Cut Roses' oil and made 16 tea or coffee cup candles, most of the china gleaned from the vide-greniers on our summer holiday. 

 Then a spot of printing, Bonda-webbing and zigzagging...

'Back to Blighty' passport covers...

 ...and matching notebooks.

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