Tuesday, 9 November 2010

It's that time of year...

...when it's impossible to avoid signs that you-know-what is just around the corner. 

I wouldn't normally be so ahead of time in my preparations (in fact, quite the opposite, as those who never received their cards last year will testify)  but with some special Fairs coming up, I have had to be. So now I want to share!

My 'Heirloom Stockings'.

You may have seen little peeks of these in an earlier post, but now they are finished!

Four different sizes, ranging from 45cm...

...down to about 13cm!

  I'm calling this smallest size 'Bling' size as it is perfect for something small and expensive to be slipped into. When I sell at the Maltings I am right next to the lovely Elizabeth who sells antiques, but mostly jewellery, and I'm hoping that next month I will spy some romantic young fellow buying an engagement ring - I'll be suggesting how to disguise his gift!

I have developed a passion for embroidering snowflakes.

And every one of the larger sizes seems to have had the following stitched on...

...because I always hope it will!

If you want to make a similar stocking, they are very much based on those featured on Kirstie's Homemade Christmas last year - I made one for Miss U-t-B, which turned into two because I made one of those stupid mistakes and patchworked two 'fronts' rather than a front and a back! - and I found them rather addictive!  If you follow the link, it takes you to the instructions.

I used a mix of vintage fabrics from Rag Rescue and Sal's Snippets, as well as new, vintage style bits from Tikki, and a large dose of my own remnants.

Much as I love the festive red, white and green combination, I have done a couple of others.

These planned for new additions...

They are 'Bling-Size', just for the tree (or for a cheque to start baby's pension fund?)

I am selling these (£15-£45 dependent on size) - if you wish to acquire a truly individual and lasting stocking, email me!

And to finish a picture of a different kind of baby...

My friend Jane's new cockapoo puppy who came for a sleep on my lap this morning whilst we had a natter!

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  1. What adorable stockings - they look just wonderful on the fireplace, it's getting me all in the mood for Christmas!