Thursday, 28 October 2010

Just flown in... share these cuties with you.

Based on Tana Ramsay's 'Hooting Hallowe'en Owls'  from Good Food magazine several years back, all you need is to:

  • Make some chocolate muffins or giant cupcakes (or buy when pushed for time).  I also made some ordinary sized fairy cakes - owlets for those with smaller appetites!
  • Cut off the tops, as if you were making butterfly cakes, then cut these in half for the 'tufts'.
  • Spread buttercream or your favourite icing on top of the cakes.
  • Put the tufts in place.
  • Squodge a circle of yellow/orange icing onto a Malteser (those tubes of ready-to-ice are ideal).
  • Place a mini- chocolate bean on top of the yellow/orange icing to complete each eye.
  • Place the eyes in front of the tufts, then complete with a jelly diamond or (in this case) a jelly drop for the beak
  • Stand back and say 'Awwww!'.
A perfect end-of half-term activity for bored children!  

I wonder what this wistful owl is thinking?

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