Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What about the sleeves?

Those of you who read yesterday's post may well have been troubling yourselves about the fate of the sleeves from the jumpers I cut up!  Well, worry no longer, for here (some of them) are...

Elsewhere, the  postman brought a bit of excitement, with the arrival of these lovelies from Moo...

These new cards will be very useful at the Maltings Market on
November 6th, as my old lot have nearly run out.

And the stickers are fab!  I need to acquire some tissue paper for wrapping, then these and a bit of ribbon will be perfect to seal.

Also in the post came this package...

...Containing one kilogram of 'Aroma Beads' and two Christmas-sy fragrance oils (did I mention the C-word?) plus a freebie - Amaretto scented oil, with which Mr U-t-B is very much taken.

Some beads are, as I write, infusing with 'Christmas Spice' oil. Will let you know how the projects I have planned for them get on.

Here in Hampshire the sun is currently shining, so I am going to walk into town to do some errands. If one of my destinations still has in stock what I am keeping my fingers crossed for, I may have some exciting news later this week!

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