Friday, 8 October 2010

The Secret to True Contentment

I have to say the title is really a cheap attempt at grabbing attention.  All the same, here is a very easy way to gain a feeling of great satisfaction - well, it worked for me today!

  1. Tidy your sock drawer.  Throw away the socks that have lost their partners (or, if they are not too tatty and you are into sock puppets, get down to a bit of creativity!)
  2. Throw away every mis-shapen, bleach splattered and unravelled-at-the-hem t-shirt currently taking up drawer space. Or better still, cut them into a pile of dusters!
  3. Sort through your bras. (I am assuming a mainly female readership here...) Make a pile of the ones with the wires that poke through or baggy back elastic. They're doing you no favours. I really can't think of a way of recycling these (Double hammock for a pair of sparrows?  Weapon of mass destruction?) so into the bin they must go!
  4. Get out your winter clothes and look forward to wrapping up against the chills, enjoying stews and dumplings and all manner of comfort food.

I have also been finishing off a couple of sewing projects.

Here's one of them.

Can you guess what it is?

My way of tidying all those wiry nuisances I can never find or identify when I need to.  I had fun with stitching the labels on these pockets.

I'm putting together some instructions for making these - soon to appear in the 'Pages' section of my blog - look on the right.

I'll end with a couple of news stories that caught my attention.

Wish I taught in that school!

Has the world gone mad?

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  1. Excellent...and so very pretty Used to bee :):) That would make a lovely Christmas present.