Sunday, 3 October 2010

A slow Sunday

After a couple of busy days, it's almost nice that the weather has conspired against us and our plans to DO things today.  It really is so miserable out there that the walk along the canal to see if there are any blackberries left doesn't have much appeal, the outside work on the upstairs bathroom drainage must be put on hold and the couple of hours at the allotment would just result in a quagmire.

So instead Mr Used-to-Bees and I are up in the attic, with me tapping away at the computer, about to sum up the last couple of days, and him filling lavender hearts engaged in an activity he'd rather was not publicised, whilst GG gets to grips with plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes for her Geography project.

 Friday began with a spot of cake making.  

On the menu at lunchtime was to be 'Yummy Scrummy Carrot Cake', the recipe for which you can find on the BBC Good Food website, by clicking below my picture.


Unfortunately, if you have clicked the link, you will see that mine does not quite match the looks of the original - I never have perfected the art of drizzling glace icing, probably because I'm too impatient!  Nonetheless, it tastes really good and always goes down well.

Next was some soup.  I decided that a nice way to keep in the social loop now that I am only in school one day a week would be to have a 'Soup Kitchen' every couple of weeks or so on a Friday.  I live really close to the school so the idea is that I will have a couple of large pans of soup (thereby using up the veggies leftover from the week), some bread and some cake ready to go at midday and people can just pop in for a quick bite to eat and a chat.

This week's soups were...

 Roasted Tomato (for Delia's recipe, click the link below)

And Lentil with Bacon (recipe thrown together by me)
(Look at that spectacular spatula!  Mr U-t-B made that when he went on his 'bodging' course in Dorset this summer!) 

I had only invited three people this time, as I knew it was going to be a busy time with the market the following day, but we had a good natter and everyone seemed to enjoy the soups and cake. Definitely worth the effort!

Friday afternoon also involved the sticky chaos that is a Cake Sale at school.  This was certainly a success as far as the children were concerned, each of them leaving with a little bag of goodies, the parents having been generous in their donations.

Yesterday Mr U-t-B and I were up with the larks, loading the car for the Maltings Market.  It was a good day, with plenty of customers and people to talk to.  I managed to curb my tendency to spend the profits and came back with only these delights...

My lovely companion has now finished his very important activity, so it seems an apt time to sign off and go and help him with something instead.  Don't be surprised if I have a wealth of plumbing knowledge to share with you next time!

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