Saturday, 9 October 2010

Misheard words of the day

Picture the scene.  Me in role of taxi driver in the front of the car, daughter and friend in back chatting as I bring them home from dancing.

Daughter:  I'm going for a sleepover at Georgia's tonight.

Friend:  Will you watch the X-Factor?

Daughter:  Not sure.  We're planning on watching Death Threat House Spiders.

(My ears prick up.  This sounds DEEPLY unsuitable...)

Me:  Well, I'm not sure about that!  Sounds a bit scary!  I think I'll need to talk to Georgia's Mum about that.

Daughter: It's alright.  You know I've watched it before.

Me: Death Threat House Spiders?

Daughter:  NO! Desperate Housewives!

Cue uncontrollable giggles.


  1. This really made me smile
    Ann x

  2. Now that is funny!
    Goodness what must be going on in your noggin to come up with that one?
    Ali x