Sunday, 17 October 2010

A meander down memory lane

Don't you just love looking at old photos, reminiscing and pondering?

 I have long been known in my family for my love of old photographic evidence - I'd be the first to suggest getting the slide projector out for a quick show in the days of yore, and the first to dive into the wallets and wallets of black and white snaps that used to be kept on the second shelf up in the hall cupboard.

So I was thrilled to find you can now quite cheaply buy a slide and negative scanner to connect to your computer, and am now working slowly but surely through the decades to save onto disk my parents back catalogue of snaps.

Amongst this weekend's photos were some I have never seen before.  As most of my relatives were either in South America or other far-flung corners of the world when we were growing up, all the best photos used to be sent off, and my parents couldn't afford to get copies done for themselves! 

I love this one of my Mum and I.  I think that is a good old-fashioned Sindy in my hands!

Then I found this one of my sister and me.  Those red jumpers had been sent from Argentina by one of my mum's friends, made specially for us.  They had navy, white and red plaid knitted, pleated skirts to go with them, and I think we must have looked the whole cheese in them.  My little brother had a matching outfit too - er, with plaid shorts rather than skirt though! 

This one made me smile as it reminded me of the chocolate puddings we used to like when we were little - that seems to be what my two cousins and my sister are eating whilst I look on longingly.  I wonder what I had done not to be partaking of this delicious-ness?  More likely I had already scoffed mine!

I rather like the wallpaper!

Last of the new finds was this one.

My sister and I almost always had matching dresses, but I was normally the pink/red version,and she was the blue.  I pity my poor Mum all the work she must've had to keep those white shoes of ours decent!  And as for the pushchair - not very comfy looking...

 The scanner I bought came from Maplins and it was just under £50, which I felt was a good investment. I think it could help solve the (dare I mention it?) Christmas pressie problem - all the family can have a boxed set of photo CDs this year!

Aside from all the scanning of negatives and a final pre-frost harvest at the allotment...

... it has been another DIY weekend in the Used-to-Bees household.  Windows that used to be looking a bit weather-beaten are now restored to their full glory - that's 11 panels of sash windows with 39 panes of glass and 156 straight lines to be neatly painted.  Does it sound like the job wore me down a wee bit?  Doors that used to be peeling and faded are now slick and glossy with a coat or two of black paint.
And the upstairs bathroom (which used to be leaking into our electrics!  Eek!) is finally re-papered and ready for a bit of woodwork painting (oh no, more straight lines needed) and the last bits of Mr U-t-B's plumbing.  Then, at last, I will be able to reconnect with my sewing machine!

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