Monday, 11 October 2010

Flea Market Finds

 Here in the Used-to-Bees household we are all recovering from a very busy weekend, having taken advantage of the sunshine to get some serious outdoor work done..  Most of our busy-ness was not of the photogenic sort - there really is no way I know of that would make Mr U-t-B's work on the drainage pipes outside our house look blog-worthy, nor my revamping of one front door, one back door and (so far) four windows.  So we will move swiftly on to the one little leisure highlight, a visit to Woking for what was hailed as 'The Big Indoor Flea Market and Collectable Fair'.

As is usually the case, it did seem to be more Collectable than Flea, and as I'm always looking for bargains, my purchases were limited.

First to be nabbed was a lovely card of Art Deco-looking buttons. 

Then came this book which I knew Mr U-t-B would love for the content, whilst I would just admire the gorgeous cover!

Then I found a true flea-like stall!  Yippeeeee!

Soon bagged were this lovely cup and saucer...

 ...for the princely sum of £1!  (Okay, so the saucer has been broken and the cup has a hairline crack, but I don't mind old riveted mends - they add to the charm in some strange way!)

Next 5 items of embroidered linen.  20p each!

And then...Oh, how sweet!

Look at that face!

'Take me home!' it said.
So of course I did!

(Also £1 - how lucky was I?)
BTW, he's only about an inch and a half high - cute!

And last of all, taking me just over £10 total spend, this book.

I remember borrowing Joan Walsh Anglund books from the library when I was little.  I loved the illustrations and felt oh-so nostalgic seeing this book on the stall.

(I don't know whose grubby fingers those are!)

Till next time!

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  1. I love the Victorian cup and saucer... and the embroidery cloths too!
    Well done!