Monday, 4 October 2010

Oh no! What have I started?

At some point in the damp greyness of our slow Sunday afternoon, my wits got up and deserted me, and I found myself suggesting to Mr Used-to-Bees that maybe I should show him how easy it is to blog with Blogger.

You see, some long while ago, before I had even heard of blogs and blogging, widgets and gadgets and posts, Mr Used-to-Bees had a go at writing one, to record progress on his current 'project'.  To begin with it went swimmingly, with his chosen platform performing brilliantly, lulling him into a false sense of security.  Then one day...


And his blog disappeared (apparently) into the far recesses of the blogosphere, never to be found again.

He talked of getting all the techies where he works to search for and retrieve his blog, but somehow it never happened.

Then, when he was last away, working on said project, I decided to get all independent and set up (first) my own email (I'd been using his for ages - hence the reason people think I'm called Joseph) and then this little blog.  All by myself!  With no help from any of the computer knowledgeables in this family.

When Mr U-t-B returned from foreign shores, he was quite amazed at what I had done (he is easily impressed!).  And I could tell that deep down he was feeling the loss of his own blog (all seven entries of it) all the more now that I had this to entertain me.

So after his efforts with the lavender important business task yesterday morning, and a lovely Sunday lunch cooked by Gorgeous Girl (who is practising for a competition), I was feeling all warm and fuzzy (maybe it was the wine...) and decided to share my blogging knowledge.

What a fool!

You see, Mr U-t-B is an all-or-nothing sort of chap.

After about five minutes of careful tutoring by me, he was off, and he barely drew breath until about one o'clock this morning, when he finally came to bed, announcing as he did that he'd had 24 pageviews already, and that he'd soon be beating my blog on the Stats and Audience front (he probably  already had by that point, but I didn't let on...) I don't think I'm a particularly competitve person...but if you want to help me out, just keep coming back to this blog, leave a comment every once in a while, or even become a follower!  You'd really be helping me out in the Battle of the Blogs!

From 'Feelings' by Aliki - great PSHE book, teachers!

They do say all is fair in love and war, so you'll find a link to his blog over there on the right.  Not that you'll want to visit...

Some random photos of pretty things now! 

My Minton ewer and basin.  I love cornflowers as they remind me of my lovely Grandad!

My bargain mirror - £10 from a car boot sale.  Strange photo as I was trying not to be in the photo!

A lovely wedding present from my Mum's antique dealer friend
My Noritake Chocolate Pot
Well, with the score currently standing at 18-32 to him, I will now leave you and go and weep into a pile of (vintage) fabric...

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