Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Return to Old Favourites

Having given up all hope of an Indian summer, I felt today that it was time to embrace the change of season.

So first, out from the top cupboard, came my three pairs of cosy,velvety jeans.  I didn't photograph them as they are looking rather a lot past their best. Hmm...Time for a spot of shopping, lest I get mistaken for that scarecrow of ours.

Second, out from the box under the bed, came my slippers.  

Can you tell they're my favourite?  These were a present from my lovely step-daughter all the way from China or Mongolia or some part of the Orient. They have been the best pair of slippers EVER and I have been desperately trawling the internet to try to find something similar to replace them.  Alas and alack, to no avail!  So I'm wondering about washing and patching with some felted jumper pieces  - worth a go I s'pose.

Next, from the recesses of my mind, the recipe for a tasty and oh-so-quick-and-easy potato gratin to have with some sausages for dinner. Nice and warming.

3 baking potatoes, cut in chunky slices and parboiled
1 bag of spinach, steamed, pressed and chopped
1 red pepper and a few spring onions, chopped and sliced respectively
1 tub of creme fraiche (usually half-fat)
A good handful of grated cheddar

Layer up and bake!

Then, from YouTube, a song I used to love many years ago and have not heard recently.

And last of all...Hoorah!  Tonight 'The Apprentice' is back!

(Yes, I know I am beginning to show a rather trashy side to my character, what with the X-Factor and now this, but hey...)

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