Saturday, 18 September 2010


We managed to get down to the allotment this morning.  Since our summer holiday it has been a little neglected, due to the weather, multiple birthday celebrations and the emergency revamp of our upstairs bathroom (leaks into the electrics not being something you can put off!)  We had left our trusty pirate scarecrow in charge, but sadly, he seems to have been napping!  Because while we have been away SOMEBODY has NICKED all but 4 of our magnificent red onion harvest!  GRRRR!  And double GRRRR!  Two not happy bunnies, we were...

On the plus side, we dashed home with some potatoes, beans, a sunflower head (how do you roast these yourself?) and four lovely cobs of sweetcorn. 

Dashed because you're meant to have the water boiling as you pick them, I'm told.  I grew the same type last year and they were yummy, so I persevered with growing this year's lot from seed, even though it took two attempts as the first lot turned up their toes before the weather had got warm enough to plant them out.  They are called Mirai Bicolour and I can thoroughly recommend them.  Not only do they look pretty... 

...with their two-tone ears, but they taste delicious and are very tender.  Even gorgeous daughter, complete with train tracks on her teeth, can chomp on one of these!

Look what the postman left for me today.

Lots more 100% wool felt!  

Time to get cracking...

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