Monday, 20 September 2010

The naughty corner...

 I started this post ages ago.  But it seems the computer has other ideas today.  It kept putting spanners in the works - not letting me sign in to blogger, not allowing me to crop some photos or even see others, freezing and generally throwing a complete computer tantrum.  So I did what supernanny would advise, warned it (restart), then as that didn't work, sent it to the naughty corner, switching off and ignoring it for a while and - hey presto!  It seems to have realised tantrums and sulking just won't work and is now working fine again...hopefully!

I thought I'd share a couple of lovely books today, ones that you might not have come across as they are French. 

I'm lucky enough to spend a few weeks a year enjoying the delights of France, and when I am over there, I am always tempted into the big bookshop to have a quick peek at the Craft section.  And what delights are to be found there!  I think perhaps the pleasures of needlecrafts are enjoyed by more people over there - even the tiny town that we visit in summer has a good, well-stocked needlecraft store, whereas it's hard for me to find anything so good near me here in Hampshire.

This one drew me in with its ticking-inspired footstool.

Most of the alphabets within are cross stitch.  I used to do quite a lot of cross stitch, even if I was once told (as I was doing an intricate piece) that it was nothing more than the stitching equivalent of painting by numbers!  Anyhow, I enjoy the very slow revelation of a design in cross stitch, but rarely do any these days, preferring things that show a faster result.  This book has some lovely designs that might just tempt me back to some even weave linen...

I love these red monograms.

I'm sure just one would look stunning framed.

These would be lovely on lavender sachets.

Something to start now ready for December?


There are also some embroidered motifs...

Apologies for the wonky scanned picture!

If you are tempted, you can get the book on French Amazon - just follow the link!

There are lots of other great Marie Claire Needlework books too!

The next one is this...

I'll let you peep inside...


There's a companion volume  'Ma vie à broder' - it was hard to choose which to get!

Here's the link:

Till next time!

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