Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Cushions, salvage and little bit of china

Yay!  My husband is back!  I know this because:
a) There are crumbs and a jammy, buttery knife on the kitchen worktop
b) There's a whole heap of muddy, cement-y clothes in the washing machine, and
c) The camera has returned!

No more shoving things into the scanner for me - I can now try to get to grips with  a piece of black plastic with more buttons on it than the lift in Canary Wharf!

 Here's the first picture I took - the cushion I finally finished yesterday evening, whilst waiting for the labels to dry after their wash.  It's the one in the middle.

Do you like my sewing machine instead of the crown?  It's a clue to what's on the back.

Flip it over!

The letters on the front are all cut from vintage feedsacks and Bondawebbed, then handstitched on, and all the fabric is reclaimed - the linen background from an immensely thick French sheet, and the properly-cottony gingham (you know the substantial sort you used to get back in the 60s and 70s) from a local charity shop.

I won't be parting with this one, but here are some more that I'm going to list on Folksy, if anyone is interested.

All from reclaimed fabrics

Left and right feature monograms from French napkins mixed with a modern Scandinavian style fabric and a bit  vintage linen tea towel on the front,  and modern ticking on the reverse.

And here's one salvaged from a tablecloth that had seen much better days, mixed with some patchwork using mostly 'Aunt Grace' repro fabrics.  Not a great photo (need to get to grips with those buttons) - the crinoline lady does have a body and head! They are stitched in very pale thread unfortunately!

Anyway, enough of cushions.  

Had a tedious but worthwhile job to do this morning, taking the pretty lace off the edges of some more of the ticking I bought in France.  It had been stitched on with the minutest stitches, about 8 to the centimetre, in the sturdiest of threads, so it was a bit of a challenge.  But there was a bonus - all those little tiny curls of thread were great for some 'ephemeral' art.

First a dog.
Then a short-legged, big bottomed donkey!

Ah well...You have to take your fun where you find it.

Finally, a bit of china.  Specially for the people with like-minds  I am discovering through writing this - those who like Johnson Brothers Rosedawn!

Thanks to Ann, Jenny and Ted and Bunny for becoming my first three 'followers'!

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