Sunday, 19 September 2010

Anyone for Sunday lunch?

Because we have some serious leftovers!

Against my better judgement, I let Mr Used-to-Bees wander alone into our local butcher's yesterday morning.  I quickly realised my error and shot in after him, but not before he had managed to purchase a 5lb leg of lamb.  With three of us normally in residence, and two of us not big meat-eaters, the maths didn't quite work out.  

Undaunted, Mr U-t-B set about inviting his three grown up children (plus romantic attachments) to make up numbers, last minute though it was.  

Sadly, it seems they all have a life, so we were back to three.  

And then even gorgeous girl abandoned us to help one of the big sisters clear out the flat she's moving out of.  

So that made two.  

And an awful lot of meat and roasties.  

We thought of dragging people off the street, but the house is a bit of a mess, what with the bathroom revamp and all the sewing.  At least dinner is sorted for the rest of the week...

In between cooking and allotmenteering this weekend, I have managed to fit in a bit of sewing.  I've made a bevvy of Russian doll 'brooches'.  I say brooches with inverted commas because their main purpose isn't decorative.  When I'm at school, I work in all twelve of the classrooms, frequently using a memory stick to share my wonderful French Powerpoint presentations with the children.  Nothing induces greater panic than the moment I realise I have mislaid said memory stick and with it all my hard work!  So I thought it would be good to have something more attractive than a grubby old lanyard to keep the memory stick safe - et  voilĂ !
The back of the brooch has a little pocket for the stick.  Will road-test it this week, when I'm finally back in school for a day!

I love making little things like this, as they allow the Scrooge in me to use up some of the tiniest scraps of fabric I have.  Who else is there out there, I wonder, who is incapable of throwing out pieces of treasured fabric, unless under about 1cm square?  (I mean, 1cm square is the perfect size for the dotting of an i!)

In my bid to keep the mounting pile of scraps tidy, I appliqued these bags.


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