Saturday, 11 September 2010

Excuse me, but is this allowed?

It seems a trifle excessive to be writing a second post today.  In fact, I'm not altogether sure that it's even allowed...

But what the heck?  I can't leave Mr Mouse all alone there on top of his cotton reel.  He needs a friend.  Here she is...

Till next time!


  1. Thanks for following my blog, it's great to have found yours. Your work is beautiful, I love your felt embroidered cottages and your felt red riding hood sewing kits. My friend has one of the original old ones and it is lovely. I am off now to check out your Folksy shop.
    Ann x

  2. Thanks for that! I love your blog and you seem to like a lot of the same stuff as me - I was drooling over your utility ware only this morning! I have quite a bit of Rose Dawn and Grey Dawn (I want to end up with a 'harlequin' teaset) so at least I was able to take a peek at my own collection! Will look forward to reading more of yours!

  3. Hi there
    Sorry about the deleted comment. I made an error and it doesnt allow you to edit only remove. Anyway lovely to meet you. I love your needle cases they are exquisite and so detailed. I read your reply to Annie with interest as I too am a 'dawn' collector. I have about 200 pieces of grey, 50 pieces of green, 12 gold and sadly only 4 rose. Like you I want to use all the colours so am searching far and wide to track down more of the gold and rose.
    Off to check out Annies blog now, but will be back.

  4. Ooh -what a collection! I haven't anywhere near that much, though I do have some beautiful rose with pretty transfers on which I think rather special! Thanks for the nice comments. It goes without saying that I really enjoy reading your blog!