Thursday, 30 September 2010

Going crazy

Apart from spending Wednesday in school with some delightful (no, honestly!) Year 4 and Year 6 children, I have spent most of the week sewing like mad to get as much as possible ready for this Saturday's Maltings Market.

A large part of this has been sewing of the variety that one wants NOT to mention when it is still September! So I'll just give you a tiny peek.

Crazy patchwork in reds and greens, with snowy themes...

...salvaged buttons, ribbon and lace...
...reclaimed fabrics and a bit of embroidery.

I'll show these items in their full glory when it seems a little more date-appropriate!

I have also been putting the finishing touches to some cushions.

With apologies for the rubbish photo!  The gremlins are still chucking their tools about it would seem, and so, as I sit here tapping away at gone 11.15, I have (after more than two hours trying!) jettisoned all attempts to upload photos from the good camera and have opted for the one that casts a yellow-hue and all round air of fuzziness to everything I snap!

For these cushions I have used mostly Tilda fabrics for the patchwork and applique, with some vintage fabric for the backing. They have an unusual continuation of the message on the back, embroidered in chain stitch.  The message was  Mr Used-to-Bees' idea, and one which I think will prove a hit!  I'm going to be mean and leave it shrouded in mystery so that it can be a surprise for anyone who might come to the Maltings and see them!

Well, much as I would like to continue, my bed is calling!   I've got a busy day tomorrow as I'm being sociable at lunchtime, helping with a Cake Sale in the afternoon to raise funds for my school's annual Shoebox Appeal and then I need to get everything ready for the Maltings on Saturday.  Eeek!  Don't expect a peep from me tomorrow!

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