Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Confession or two

It's no good!  I'll have to confess!  I do really like Cliff Richard.  So in celebration of his 70th birthday, here are a few (maybe less well-known) songs from his 50+ years in showbiz. 

When I lived in Paris for a year when I was eighteen, the only records I remember having were Diana Ross and the Supremes 'Greatest Hits Anthology' (the one with the glossy red  lips and microphones on the cover) and Cliff Richard's 'Love Songs' (casual Cliff leaning on lamppost by the sea in a very fetching Fairisle tank top and jeans).  Both were played to death!  This song was on the Love Songs album.

Another from the aforementioned album.

I wonder who else used to watch 'It's Cliff Richard!' on Saturday evenings in the early 1970s?  It was one of those family-viewing, variety shows with guest performances, mad dancing and silly sketches.  Here's a clip from the show, with Cliff dueting with Olivia Newton-John, who I really wished he'd marry. (I was only young - not sure why it mattered to me really!)

Back to 'Love Songs' for this one.

Once I had returned from Paris to Blighty, I had a very good friend who would often take me to Cliff concerts.
I especially loved the next two from that era.

  Hope I look as good at 70 as he does!

And for my second confession...Two faces I will miss from the TV screen now 'Los Treinte y Tres' are (thank heavens) rescued...

Lucky Mr U-t-B is such a fine specimen or I might be hopping on a plane, South America bound..


  1. I was about 9 when Sir Cliff released his first single 'Living Doll' and remember standing on a form in our dinner hall at school singing it, don't ask me why. Over the years I have had a love hate relationship with his music, but have to say I liked his earlier records the best. Good to hear though that he appeals to someone from another generation. So I wish him happy birthday too.
    The story of the miners in Chile I think has touched everyone and it is great to hear of their safe return.

  2. Ah Sir Cliff!!
    It's funny but whenever I think of him now I am reminded he is compulsive about which way the loo roll must face after learning this on his interview with Piers Morgan.
    He really was a looker!