Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Yesterday I popped into IKEA as it's not too far from Gatwick, 
from where I was collecting Mr U-t-B from his 'ski-with-siblings' weekend.  I needed another length of worktop, due to the slight re-design that has been possible because the new boiler is placed above worktop height, and also another cupboard of some sort.  

Somehow, an 8 metre length of fabric also jumped onto the trolley, so late-ish yesterday evening I set about making a pair of lined curtains for the second bedroom across the road.  Nothing fancy, but all the same I was pleased and surprised to be hanging them by lunchtime today - should make it a bit cosier.

Here's the fabric...

And the curtains...

A big improvement, I think!

Hoping to make some forward progress on the kitchen this evening, so I have taken it easy this afternoon Internet-hunting for fabric to complete my Snapdragon quilt, and for the Omnigrid 96 ruler to allow me to start the matching Jigsaw quilt.  The end of all this decorating and renovating is in sight and I will soon be able to devote myself to that type of stitching again!

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